Service Air Bag with code B0077?

2004 GMC Yukon XL SLT wih 5.3. Just started throwing the Service Air Bag code off and on and now just on. My scanner shows code B0077. I have searched both seats and can find no loose wires or broke wires. The passenger side front seat changes from off to on when someone sits there.

With code B0077 what is the most likely fault?
From what I can find, that code points to the front impact sensor for full size trucks. On GMT360, could be passenger door impact sensor.

Where did you find info that it's the passenger seat?
I didn't find anything that showed passenger and it was just something I checked.

I tried swapping sensors and still get the same code. Is this the front sensor attached to the bumper?
The Creemore scanner 129 tha I am using states B0077 is
3rd row center seatbelt pretensioner deployment control.

Don't even know what that is and makes no sense. 2004 3rd row is a bench and no electrical or electronic hook ups I can see?
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That was short lived. Have not even driven the car and the Service Air Bag light came back on this morning. POS GMC
Have not had time to throw scanner back on it to see if it's the same code.

Really hate the new cars with all the electronic crap you don't really need.
Problem found. Connector going to driver door side impact sensor (code B0077) has it's wires twisted tight from the factory. These wires run through the door harness this way and all of the constant opening and closing of the door creates too much stress and the wires break. That's what happened here. Right where harness is creased from door closing. One wire running to the connector was broken inside the harness. Did a proper repair with new wire, solder and shrink wrap. No more Service Air Bag light.

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