Seat switch bezel replacement? Ha! Yea right!


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Feb 18, 2017
Shreveport, LA
So the bezel/cover for the side of my driver seat was busted in my 05 Trailblazer. I have power seats so it has holes for the power seat switches and 1 round hole for the lumbar switch.


The thing is...this part is discontinued and Dorman doesn't make an aftermarket replacement. #89042183 - Cashmere seat bezel or whatever it is. I've been looking for one for sale on Ebay for over a year.

Well 1 finally came up for sale on ebay, last week. A brand new GM part. Still in box. I couldn't believe it. So I bought it quickly and the seller shipped it quickly, as well.

Here comes the fun part. When it got to the local post office and went "out for delivery", my postal carrier decided they weren't going to attempt to deliver it on Friday so they marked it as "address doesn't exist - return to sender"! Except I know for a fact that they never even attempted delivery because no one on my street got mail on Friday and I have 4 cameras that prove it. No USPS truck ever came down my street.

So they just arbitrarily decided my house didn't exist WITHOUT looking for it and we're going to return my part to New Jersey. I live in Louisiana. Smh. Boy was I mad.

I emailed the local postmaster and explained how "their lying azz employee just screwed me and that they needed to stop that package and reroute it back to my house. Because the address on it is correct, I verified it with the seller, and I don't need this part going cross country 2 more times and then getting lost." That was Friday.

It was delivered on Sunday thankfully. I also received an email apology from the postmaster for what happened. It took me over a year to find one in Cashmere with a round lumbar switch hole. Dorman makes the later version that uses the smaller, oval lumbar switch but that won't work and I rarely see tan/cashmere ones anyway. You can see the later version below:


I also looked into swapping my round lumbar switch to the newer, oval switch like my 2009 Envoy has but that isn't monetarily feasible. The oval switch and plug are quite expensive from my research. Upwards of $200 for both. So that won't work either unless I can find the switch and connector for much cheaper.

Anyway. Just wanted to share my experience trying to find part #89042183 for my truck and having USPS probably almost lose it after randomly deciding my house doesn't exist anymore.
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