Rough Idle + P0430 and other issues


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Apr 9, 2012
Hi guys, need some help with my dad's Tahoe. First off its an 07 Tahoe LTZ with 99,309 miles and recently the CEL came on and it reads as a generic P0430 and the idle seems a bit rough, after reading up on it it seems to be related to the catalytic converter, one of the 02 sensors or an exhaust leak. First we were going to try doing the plugs/wires on to see if it helps solve the rough idle (and we don't have know if the plugs were ever done) and then check the readings on the 02 sensors. The acceleration is fairly quick and it doesn't feel bogged down in the slightest so I don't think the catalytic converter can be the issue? :confused:

Problem #2: For whatever reason the driver seat seems to lose its memory. The save for Driver #2 works but it always loses the settings for Driver #1. Any ideas?

Problem #3: When driving the truck when its cold there seems to be some sort of noise/whine coming through the speakers and then clears up once warm could the issue stem from the factory bose amplifier possibly going bad? (When driving the voltage gauge will sometimes read halfway between 9 and 14 volts, could this problem and #2 be tied into there being a battery/alternator issue?) Thanks!

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