related to a relative motor/vehicle - another electrical gremlin

hi all: a new question: i love my chevys and gms but boy, can the electrical gremlins be a pita.... between my boyfriend and i, we own 2 chevy trucks, 1 gmc and 1 chevy g20 sport van.... this concerns my 01 silverado 2500hd 6.0l vortec motor set up as plow and farm truck. the scenario is as follows: (as an aside, have i happened to mention I HATE WIRING PROBLEMS?)

On my 01 silverado 2500hd:

my voltmeter on dash has consistantly held at the middle for the 7 years i
have owned the truck. in that time only have had several small issues
related to wiring and being with the drivers side door window switch with power to everything but still wont operate after replacing switch, window motor - think i have a ground short somewhere between fender and door but the longest running one being the odometer display is mostly off but comes on very intermittently - i know the fix for this but havent had time to repair it yet... this morning my truck (when i got in and started it up) the voltmeter went 2 clicks above 14 - no extraneous electrical anything was on other than the radio and standard running lights.
- bout halfway to my destination, i turned the heater on (only operates on highest setting - and that is due to resistor going out - have one ordered but it hasnt come in yet) anyway, i turned on the heat and the truck shut down. (somewhere an obvious voltage spike happened but i have no clue as to where) i was able to drift it to a stop, flipped it in neutral and it started....turned on another road, got to top turn and it died again... was able to restart it, and when i turned into my driveway it died again.... each time it easily starts, but has thrown zero codes - yes i put my code reader on port - zero codes - i tested battery voltage - its at 14.28 - tested alternator output - it is again at 14.28 (this is about where the truck has consistently run since i got the truck) HELP


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I think the blower runs to a major ground splice under the dash. Perhaps that is loose of it in fact exists.


Probably the heater=stall is coincidental. Check the fuse box for corrosion and loose wiring which could cause intermittent stalling. I've seen a corroded fuse cause an ABS fault. Check the grounds as mentioned, underhood and interior. Check my signature for links to manuals which include schematics.


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Voltage test done loaded or unloaded? Alternator could be dropping out when loaded but that still shouldn't cause it to die unless the battery is trash.

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