NEED HELP Rear Gate swap from an 05 to 02 TB. Extra wires??


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Hello everyone,
My name is Josh and i am new to the forums, as in this is my first so bare with me. I have searched and cant find anything on my issue so i am starting a new one. If i missed it please forgive me. So i have a 02 LS SWB TB and the rear gate was smashed. I recently found an 05 on Marketplace for parts and bought the gate off it. Of course the wires at the boot were broken on it and mine so after replacing i i spliced in a piece from the donor TB but noticed while doing so that the new hatch had 1 more wire (6 total 3 orange 1 brwn 1 blue 1 black)then the bodys plug(5 total 2 orange 1 blue 1 brwn 1 black). Thats when i noticed the donor hatch lock does not have a key whereas my old one did. My question is this, is there a way to run that extra wire and make the rear gate work or should i go get my old gates button with the key and put it in the new gate.? Right now the lock doesnt engage when i hit the button from the front. The rear defrost doesnt work but one side is broken.(the tiny piece that sticks to the window is broke off? Dont kniw if that will make the whole thing not work?) Rear washer/wiper doesnt work and as far as i know none of these things worked when we bought it used. I do not know if my TB was equiped with keyless entry or not but i read on a forum here that if you hold down window down and cycle the ignition on off x3 the doors will lock and the horn would beep indicating that it was and it did.(please dont quote me kn the process because i dont remember exactly) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


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Your best solution is to strip your old hatch, and swap over the entire wiring harness, that way you know for sure its an exact match to what you had.

On the rear window defroster, there is a repair kit type glue you can buy, or you can swap over the glass (if it survived) from your old hatch.



Look in my signature, you will find a link to repair manuals which would include wiring schematics.

Check between the 02 and 05 schematics to see what the extra wire is for. As suggested, I think you should take the wiring out of your 02 hatch and put that in to ensure compatibility with the truck's wiring. You should also keep your lift gate module if it's still good.

I have never seen a key for the liftgate lock.


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@Mooseman when I get to the downloads it doesnt show alot 02 or 05 stuff. Just curious but are the schematics compatable with another year? I have the 02 wiring (and thank you btw) but do not see 05. I googled it and didnt get a definitive answer. Thank you again for you time.


They aren't complete but are usually adequate for most repair situations. Maybe try the 06 manual that does have schematics to see if there is that same extra wire.


Not at all. Every little bit of information helps.

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