Rear driver AND passenger windows are broken


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Apr 21, 2012
Hi everyone,
first let me say how excited I am to be on the new site and away from the tyrants at trail voy! I have an 03 trailblaze LT with the i6 and recently I had both back seat windows crap out on me. The first one stopped working a couple months ago and the other one just broke the other day. What happens is when I push the down switch, I hear an awful grinding. I suspect it has something to do with lack of exercise because no one usually sits back there and when they did work, they would pop free of the rubber weatherstrip creating a lot of stress on the motor and cable. Should have kept them greased before this happened! I took the door panel off one side to reveal that it had birdnested pretty darn good. Anyway my questions is that is possible to buy just the cabling or do I need to buy the whole assembly? Anyone else have this problem? I'd love to see a how-to of this but if there isn't one, I'll take some pics and do a little write up. Thanks again everyone!



Dec 4, 2011
Oh snap that doesn't sound good. I'm afraid that 91RS may be right. Got any pics of the stuff?

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Dec 8, 2011
Pretty common problem. As stated in above post. The whole regulator assembly has to be replaced. It's pretty straightforward after you get the door panel off. I got a replacement from a salvage yard. Aftermarket regulators are available. IIRC they were around $120.00 HTH c good


Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
Stay away from Prime Choice!!!! All of their stuff is cheap Chinese crap. Although I not bought their window regulators, I have tried their hubs, brakes, alternators and all were junk failing in short order. Unless you are selling it, don't bother with their crap.


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
Brewins said:
... $44.00 each Canadian dollars, not a bad deal.
It's a short-sighted bargain to focus only on price. It's what the CCC (Cheap Chinese Crapola) manufacturers are counting on. The Chinese *can* make great quality stuff, there's just a market for low-end merchandise sold ONCE to folks who learn their lesson and never do it again. Repeat business doesn't motivate this market. I recommend not encouraging them by participating.


Feb 10, 2012
"... $44.00 each Canadian dollars, not a bad deal." :lipsrsealed: My bad, in hindsight should have added that I can't speak for their quality........sorry.


Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
No problem. You meant well. Fleabay is another place to watch out for cheap crap. Even RockAuto is not immune. Bought some Raybestos hubs from them, one self destructed within a couple of months. Made in China.

RockAuto has Dorman window regulators, rears are $107 each for EXT model, $140 non-EXT.


Jan 24, 2012
What do you know, my rear passenger died two days ago. The rear driver side passed away I think ~2 years ago. I didn't know they were a common problem.

My fix... with a 2x4. Removed the door panel, cut it long enough to wedge between the glass holder and the bottom of the door, and hammered it in. Then I removed the wiring from the window switch (so when you press the button in the driver seat, it doesn't activate). I don't use the back windows for anything so just locking them up for good was fine with me.

When it comes the the front windows though, those I would spend money on the regulators.
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Apr 13, 2012
I've had to replace the regulators on both the mid-gate and the tailgate of my XUV. So far the 4 door windows haven't had a problem.

When tailgate regulator failed, I did the 2x4 trick to wedge the glass closed while I ordered the new regulator. Worked like a charm!


Mar 25, 2015
Well I just bought the Dorman 741-892 Rear Driver Side Replacement regulator with motor (lh)for a little over $70 via amazon with prime. should have it in 2 days. Oddly enough the rh was going to be almost twice that ...

fyi I know this is an old thread I posted mainly to show the price had dropped.
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