P0017 then P0449



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This is off of my 06 GMC Envoy XL 4.2 I6 i replaced the camshaft position sensor then i got the code p0449 and replaced the vent talve solenoid and now i have this code can someone help me


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There is a process in scanner to calibrate the cam sensors with crank sensor. Or some sort of learning situation involved. Your scanner may not have this function. Our Snap on does and fixed mine. The inline 6 is finicky about quality sensor.


The cam sensor doesn't normally require a CASE relearn. The P0449 is completely unrelated and just means there is an issue with the vent solenoid.

If your P0017 is still coming back after clearing, check your CPAS. If you unplug it and there is oil in the connector, it's toast. If you pull it out, you could try to clean it but for the trouble, I'd just replace it (ACDelco or Delphi only).
How To: Clean The Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid (CPAS) Picture Heavy

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So did you have the P0017 initially and that's why you replaced the camshaft sensor? If so, it's possible that the real culprit was always the CPAS, so changing the Cam sensor never really fixed the problem and it just popped back up. I'm with Mooseman in thinking that your P0449 is a separate issue. Check that CPAS as he suggested. You may also find that even if there's no oil in the connector that the body of the CPAS will rotate in the housing, or that the screens are gummed up or even missing. In any case, if you've got any questions about the maintenance of your truck, especially in terms of mileage and oil changes, you might be better off just changing the CPAS (and as he said, AC Delco or Delphi...these trucks are finicky).

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