NEED HELP OEM suspension guidance

Hello All. I am looking to clean up the sloppy ride in the front end of my TB. I am at 207k plus miles and over the past 6 months I can tell a noticeable difference in how she rides and feels. I’m sure most everything in the front needs replacing as they are all original parts.

What I need to know is what to start with replacing, as this is my DD that I use for work I can’t have it down for long replacing things. Also with me getting married later this year I need to be as economical as I can in regards to doing the work/getting it done. But she this TB is my love and I want to keep her for a good long time.

Any guidance/direction is appreciated!


What are you calling a sloppy ride? A better description of what you are feeling and hearing will help. It isn't like we can get in or lift it up and take a look at things.
I understand, I’ll explain as best as I can. I sometimes hear a whine from the front when turning in forward and reverse. I’m getting slight movement in the steering wheel before the wheels turn and overall steering feels somewhat loose when driving.


For that I would be looking at the power steering pump and the steering components.


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It's quite likely you have worn out tie rod ends at that mileage. That would account for the loose steering. Jack up a wheel and try to wiggle the wheel as if you were turning left and right. You'll feel a thunk from the worn out tie rod end if that's an issue.
I had a left side wheel hub and tie rod end wear out - right side was OK. Also the sway bar links are famous for failure.
To save a buck, go on ebay and search for trailblazer (part name) and you'll be surprised how low the prices can be. There's a even a great deal on a package of all the commonly replaced front end parts. I rarely ever go to a parts store anymore - nearly everything can be delivered to your door with a few clicks for a fraction of retail cost.:wooot:


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From the provided info, I'd second @djthumper - look at the PS pump & rack first. But if you can spare the time / $, @Mektek makes a good point.

I'd do upper ball joints (I'll bet $ they're gone on an all-OEM 2004), sway links, shocks all round, and sway bushings first; then go for outer tie rods and lower BJs after that, depending on condition.

A word of advice...doing all of the above takes a good piece of time / $. If you go with quick struts, you'll save time / effort, although they ride a little softer than OEM, per some who have installed them. To you, it'll feel like a new truck:smile:


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at 200K miles, much of the front end is shot if it has not YET been replaced. I say it might be worth it to take it to a shop you Trust and pay them $99 to look over the suspension and give it a quick drive and tell you what is wrong with it and what may need to be replaced first VS what you can wait on. Goodluck on the Marriage, I'll tell ya, you probably won't be getting a new ride any time soon. I'll be on my 12th year married soon and finally got me a 2003 used TB 3 months ago after driving a 2 door honda for 15 years. So fix the TB now while you can. has decent parts from MOOG to ACDelco for good pricing. Goodluck, and when in doubt, YouTube it or ask here. These vehicles are about 15 years old, so everything has already been discussed and fixed before. The info is out there. I work in parts at a GM dealer for past 8 years, and these things rarely have major issues. Maybe transmission or front diff, but rarely ever any engine work.

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