Odd starting problem


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Dec 3, 2011
Brighton, CO
Tuesday thru Friday, its starts normal. Saturday and Sunday, the Voy sits, trying to preserve the miles left in the warrenty. Monday, for the last 3 weeks, I need a jump start to get to work.

I have the battery and alternator checked by 3 diferent shops. The dealer saw that the alternator was pulsing its charge. So they replaced the alternator under warrenty. The battery always checks out fine. I dont know how old it is, Its the battery that came with the truck when I bought it 1 year ago.

The only things that I know that are left "plugged in" are my 2 cell phone chargers.

Any suggestions for me?


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
I did the math on the OS. Cell chargers won't kill a decent battery for over a week. You probably have a weak battery or another parasitic drain like the Onstar module not going to sleep. Do you have a meter and some patience to track it down? Or can you just yank the connector to Onstar as an experiment, and check the voltage every 6-12 hours and keep a chart?

It all depends on your owning a meter.


Nov 21, 2011
Well since we are speaking of batteries then I will ask this question if you guys do not mind! Same idea just a different story. I got a remote starter put in about a couple of weeks ago and quite a few times (a lot actually) the car will be on (all lights and everything) but the engine is off. Will that kill my battery? The place told me no but I am going to get it taken in to get it checked out! I think it does because how else is everything being in ON mood if the engine is off. maybe I am wrong! I do not know

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