Nitto Crosstek Crossovers vs Cooper Adventurer HT

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So it's time for tires again on my 05 TB. Will probably be putting them on tomorrow. I have it, or my budget has it, narrowed down to a set of Nitto Crosstek Crossovers (also known as CUV) from NTB and the Cooper Adventurer HT from Pep Boys. I live in Boston so I need these to perform in the snow, but I do zero offroading and am really looking for a good all season highway tire that can handle rain and snow. I think the Nittos are made for NTB exclusively and I'm almost positive that the Coopers are made for Pep Boys. They seem equally as aggressive. The mileage warranty on the Coopers is better but with the prorated factor I do not think it makes a difference in the end. Does anyone have either of these tires? Likes, dislikes, opinions? As always all replies are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks.


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Both (and especially those Nittos) seem to me to be essentially summer tires with a little bit of additional siping. If you live in Boston I suggest you check out all-weather (severe snow service rated) tires. If you explicitly want to avoid AT tires then Nokian WRG3 SUV is one of the best options and it also seems to be in your ballpark pricewise... It will perform infinitely better in winter compared to those two.


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I agree with @dkvasnicka - neither of those tires look good for winter (snow) use. If you want an AT tire that is also winter rated that you can drive year-round, check out the Kumho Road Venture AT51 - EXT 4wd&autoModClar= . I almost got this tire but decided to save about $100 and got the Crugen HT51 instead - EXT 4wd&autoModClar= - and with the flexibility of the rubber and the number of sipes, I think it will do good this coming winter here in SW MI. We can get a lot of lake effect snow (and sometimes very little...), but I do have a set of true winters. I think this set will do nicely this first winter due to all the sipes still being sharp but I don't know how they'll do next winter. My General Grabber HTSs were like that: the first two winters they were awesome, but the rubber compound isn't really suited for the cold we get here. Winter tires are, so even the Crugens may "fail" me this winter.
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Also the "new" Geolandars G015 (not G012! ...those have big blocks and hard rubber and are suicidal on ice) seem to be getting a lot of positive winter reviews even from people who are doing no serious offroading and need a relatively quiet but robust and long-lasting road tire. The same for Nokian Rotiiva AT. Both snowflake-rated.
If I needed a 245/65 R17 tire I would be choosing between those two. In the US you also have the option of Discoverer A/TW.

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Thanks for the replies. I ended up going with the Nitto's after seeing them in person. They are more aggressive than they look in the pictures. Probably the most aggressive tire I have run on either of my TrailBlazers and that is all I have driven for the last 14 years. Being from the northeast you get used to driving in the snow. I did not want an over aggressive tire all year long just for the sake of the winter months. I will update as these tires age.

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