New slingshot

Ya know, for a second I thought you were talking about a new recreational vehicle or something, thinkin there was gonna be a crash of some sort... And then the video loaded...

Oooweee, not pretty indeed... :stars:


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As soon as he showed the steel balls, I thought... "this is *not* going to end well".

Wonder where he was located (DE, US, CA, ?) Looked from the end scene that he was concussed. Surprised he wasn't taken to hospital (pretty sure he wasn't)

At least he didn't ruin a good

Actually the second 'not for the squeamish' thing I saw today; someone actually posted a postmortem photo of the Vegas shooter 'on scene'. That itself didn't bother me, save for that it was disrespectful to the victims, IMO
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That ball was embedded in his forehead. How did he not go to the hospital? Sounded like he was from Germany or something.


Most of the news broadcasts around here have steered away from talking too much about the shooter. They listed him as one of the 59 killed, a lot of the news has dropped it to 58 to not count him.


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Which? The slingshot guy, or the shooter?
(for the record, I didn't see either as 'fake'; I'll spare details, unless a 'shooter' thread gets started (and, personally, I hope it doesn't. Yes, I know I brought it up in the first place...)) :duh:

( @Mooseman - I don't think the ball was actually lodged in his skull - strong possibility he'd have been killed, if that were the case, IMO. I really doubt he'd have been conscious immediately afterward.)


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Almost seemed fake imo
I'm going with fake. It's convenient how the camera pans away then just happens to fall with his head perfectly in frame. It also looks like while he is doing the monkey cam at the treetops (1:26) that it it pauses and resumes. That and him not applying pressure. It's natural to clap your hand over a wound, and he didn't. It's almost like he was letting that Halloween prosthetic flow. Entertaining but fake.

EDIT: A brief search of his YouTube channel yielded this.


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He did it with MS Paint too! I was so shocked and had to dig deeper. This guy is a good guy for the most part. Sweet, innocent Georgey. I was hoping he didn't get hurt.