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New Silicone Radiator hoses installed!

Discussion in 'LS2 6.0L V8' started by Meltdown211, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Meltdown211

    Meltdown211 Active Member

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    Found a company that makes silicone Radiator hoses for the SS, Rainer, Bravada, etc. They look great and have dramatically reduced my engine temp and IAT's. (I have no affiliation with them either) I have been looking for these for over a year... Here is my install pic.

    I don't know if anyone needs them but if you do, here's the link.

    DPHoses, DP Hoses,


  2. checo3423

    checo3423 Member

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    Hoses look great, thanks for posting!
  3. dmanns67

    dmanns67 Well-Known Member

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    Sweet SS :thumbsup:
  4. CaptainXL

    CaptainXL Well-Known Member

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    Old post. But here's another ... "Looks good".
  5. The_Roadie

    The_Roadie Well-Known Member

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    Admin Post
    Agreed. Looks good, but what are your exact before and after numbers?!?

    Vendor claims don't count for as much as lab experiments.

    Just to think about - let's assume the hoses were perfect insulators, and none of the coolant heat escaped into the engine compartment. The heat has to go somewhere, and that's into the radiator. Whose airflow comes right back at the engine compartment!

    And let's say the old hoses were made of metal and radiated like a banshee into the engine compartment. What percentage of heat would come from the sides of those metal tubes, compared to the HUGE metal mass of the engine and two HOT exhaust manifolds?

    I myself have reinforced silicone hoses from when they were offered for the I6. I got them for peace of mind in 120 degree deserts where a burst hose would be much more than a temporary inconvenience. I'd have to wait until nightfall (and then some) to swap out for my spare rubber hoses. But as an engineer, I can't detect any temp difference by having them.

    You have to be very careful with what's called "confirmation bias" when looking for justification for mods. As nice as they are, they may not do all the vendor claims they do.

    DAMN. How did I get sucked into replying to a necropost!?!?!?!?!?!?! :redface:
  6. Envoy_04

    Envoy_04 Well-Known Member

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    Hey, at least the thread isn't too old. Besides, it's a post with really good info and perspective (what post of yours isn't?) that can help a lot of folks searching the subject.

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