My g80 saved me today


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Apr 1, 2012
On my way home from the gym today it started to rain, but it was that heavy annoying mist. I cant stand it, either rain or dont. Anywho, there is a hill on my way home at the top of a blind bend. There is conveniently a light at the top of this hill, which i was stopped at as the first veh. It is very easy to judge this light, so i see its turning yellow and i let off the brake to start to creep forward (as little as i can going up hill). Well i notice that theres a f350 landscaping truck towing a trailer that is an enclosed racecar trailer (guess he has alot of equip?) coming around this bend up the hill. He must not have been from the area because he took the bend so wide and fast he was in the oncoming lane, he definitely did not know this was as sharp as it was. Well hes now barreling down on me and i am at a dead stop. I hit the gas to try and move for the green light and i also now need to get out of speedracers way before he rearends me. I have 35" BFG allterrains, they are hummer take-offs so the one on my power wheel (rear pass) has the least amount of tread. That combined with mist, i start to spin. While spinning i hit the stop line and it kicks my rear end to the left. I tried to feather the throttle to catch traction but i keep spinning. He is now less then 100ft away and it did not seem like he had slowed down at all. I mashed the gas and i felt the rear lock up, then also heard the rear driverside spinning with the pass side. Once i hooked i took off but that was definitely a close call. After i cleared the intersection he was right on my ass to the equivalent of tailgating. Might be time for a new tire
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Nov 18, 2011
Thats why when I have used tires I put the best one on the power tire since it will wear them even quickest while providing the best traction...

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