Multiple codes after engine R&R

05 Silverado recently had engine removed and resealed and reinstalled developed issues when going from high to low beam or low to high engine will die and when ignition is shut of at times will not shut engine off scanned codes and found multiple codes
Have checked main ground on front of engine and frame under left head light only ones left to check are on rear of heads didn't find any issue first the first two will check rear grounds tomorrow evening when I get home


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The Service People performing your Engine R&R would have found it necessary to remove the OEM 4.3L PCM by pulling all of the Connectors too. The suggestion here is that after removing those PCM Connectors again... spray them all out clean with CRC Electronic Solvent and afterwards... let them Air Dry and carefully re-install them.

With so many of these codes leading to all of the possibility of 'communication disconnects' suggested below with so many similar PXXX Error Codes... it cannot be mere coincidence that with the Engine R&R, taking those PCM connectors loose must have been a necessary part of the job. So if the earlier suggestion to "Check on all Engine Grounds First" does not sort this problem out... performing this additional CRC Cleaning Task is a logical and worthwhile step:

B0092 – Air Bags
B1440 - Power Mode Master Input Circuits Mismatch
U1016 - Loss of Class 2 Communication with VCM
U1041 - Loss of EBCM Communication
P0092 - Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Control Circuit High
P0650 - Powertrain Control Module
P0654 - Engine RPM Output Circuit
P0740 - Torque Converter Clutch Circuit/Open
P0785 - Shift Timing Solenoid "A"
P1626 - Theft Deterrent Fuel Enable Signal Not Received
P2761 - Torque Converter Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Control Circuit/Open

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