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Nov 30, 2022
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If you all have been having issues with an MDI or MDI clone 1 or 2, You're not alone. Apparently there's a glitch between the MDI manager updating the MDI, and Tech connect updating it. Now, understand, the MDI manager loads firmware from Bosch's servers. Tech Connect loads it from GM's servers. Here's why that's important: The firmware on the Bosch servers is missing a key communication component - Part of the serial to OBD pass-thru interface bridge. This component helps the actual software communicate with the MDI and the vehicle itself. Without it, the software can technically see the MDI, but cannot see into it or the vehicle passed it. As it so turns out, GM's servers have this piece of firmware on them. This issue is only with MDI software/firmware revision The best fix I can recommend is first download the MDI software Uninstall the .154 from the computer you're using, and then install put the MDI in recovery mode (unplug from power, press and hold power button, plug power back in while still holding power button, wait until the light over the computer icon is lit, then release the power button). Open the MDI manager and the MDI should say "Recover," as well as the connect button should be changed to "Recover." Click on that button. Let the recovery process complete (about 7 minutes). Once completed the MDI should reboot into Normal mode. Now open "Tech Connect." Let it update the MDI 1 software, then, attempt to connect to the MDI. You should get the select a device pop-up, and the will say "Update" on the connect button. Click that button and let Tech Connect update the MDI. Once completed, you may now test with Tech Connect or Tech2Win. It should work normally.

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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
Thanks for posting this. Although most of us with our "old" iron are still using the old Tech 2, this is some important info for those with the MDI.

And welcome to the Nation :thumbsup:

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