Mark MC Lift for XL/EXT GMT's; 2.5" or 3"?


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Dec 4, 2011
I am trying to decide which kit to go with, apparently both the 2.5" and 3" kits work with Bilstein HD shocks/struts, so that now leaves me to debate if I want the 3" kit now. I want to fit 265/70/17 with OEM tires so I'll need spacers as well. Just wondering what you guys think would work out better for us GMT370 guys. I personally think it might look kinda goofy with a lift on it, whereas the short wheelbase trucks look good with the lifts on them.

Here's my intention: If I decide to lift the truck at all, I want to get a rear locker, 265/70/17 tires, lift kit, spacers, and upgrade to 4.10 gears from 3.42. Just not sure if I'm going to be satisfied with the upgrades or just save my money towards a new truck...


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
What's your mission with a lfit? Be ready for deeper snow in the winter, or aggressive rock crawling and offroading. That will dictate your choice of tread and tires as well. To be looking at spending $1000-1500 for a re-gearing project, that I haven't even found the need to justify, sounds odd. I lose ground clearance and traction, even on 40 degree + sandstone slopes, before I run out of torque with 3.72 gears in 4LO.

For a milder mission, get the smaller lift that reuses the OEM top mounts. You only break them if you're banging on it hard.

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