Looking into a 9th Gen Suburban, concerned about AFM


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Been looking at a 2012-2013 1500 LTZ or possibly the Yukon XL, but prefer the look of the Burb. Are the AFM issues just hit or miss across the board? Would disabling the AFM still result in camshaft issues? Any insight on these motors is appreciated.

Also considered the 2500 w/ the 6.0 and unsure if those issues carry over. Also, does anyone know if the cooled front seats are avail on the Suburban 2500 LT and not just the Yukon SLT?


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I'd say so, the 15 Silverado we use at our office dropped a lifter at 15k. Co-worker was doing 70 on the highway went it went out, and we ended up banging up the camshaft by the time we pulled over. Supposedly the 15+ years were fixed, but I still see a few every now and then. My buddy that's super anal with his 13 Silverado had his lifter drop at 110k.

Everything I've read and seen on here, and other forums as long as the AFM is disabled you won't have to worry about it.


Yep, as long as AFM is disabled while it's still in good working order, you'll avoid any issues down the road.

Check the oil pressure when running hot being reported by the gauge. I didn't notice mine would drop to 20 psi while driving down the highway. An oil change brings it back up but it will eventually drop back over time. Could be an issue with the pickup tube being blocked, the seal or excessive engine wear. One fix is to replace the oil pump with a high volume version. Mine has 4.10 gears so even in OD, it's screaming at over 2000 RPM down the highway so this could account for my wear.


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A lot of the issues I'm aware of stem from the valley plate and leaks internally from there (or something to that effect.) The 6.2 in the 2011 literally rattles like it's about to die in the morning. (Lifters and it knocks and piston slaps) the 5.3 in the 2018 also does this pretty much since the day it rolled off the lot... GM called it "normal". I'm pretty much done with any gm v8 solely for that alone because it's a massive problem and they just make it harder and harder to remove it day one. Works great on the LFX engines and such but those pushrod V8s just seem to get horrendous quick.


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From my understanding, none of the 2500 models got the AFM/DOD, unless assigned to a LEA (Law Enforcement Agency) as stipulated in some fuel mileage mandate.

The AFM/DOD is one reason I have hesitated to upgrade from my 200k+ XUV for some many years. I want to, and as some members have seen, I have shopped my butt off. But the AFM/DOD just scares me. I dont typically buy things that have this big of a known issue.


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Late reply I know, but I have a 2017 5.3 V8 Silverado 1500 that I bought new, and I put a range chip in as soon as I could, and it works great. Keeps in in V8 mode all of the time, plugs into the port for diagnostics. (odb2) I want to say it was like $300 though. Only time (or actually mileage) will tell if it was worth it.

I have been trying to keep it low on miles, I think it has around 30,000. I was leary about getting that engine with the afm but back then chevry ran a 35% off retail price rebate and I took the chance. So far it has been good.

Cons to the range chip: it will interfere with a vehicle emissions inspection check, you have to run it a bit without the chip if you reset your trouble codes. Also I take mine out after turning off the vehicle, and put it in after the normal startup diagnostics, it's easy to forget.

Lastly, I have to say, I also bought a 2017 toyota rav4 used recently. The toyota I can put in 3 different modes, economy, regular, and sport, and I use sport a lot around the town because it drives and handles better. Just push the dash button and I'm good to go at startup. With the 2017 GM, and I find this really aggravating, there is no option to do this with the V4 vs V8 option, you cannot turn it off without cheating the system somehow. In addition, the transmission seems to do all kinds of wacky things just to save 1mpg of fuel. Toyota gives you the option of how you want to drive, GM forces it down your throat and this just bugs the $#@! out of me. Ok ranting off thanks :smile:
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I have a 2013 k2500 LT burb, the 3/4 tons are harder to find but they come with the non-afm 6.0 V-8 which I like a lot. Mine was pretty loaded, sun roof, leather, dvd entertainment, seat heat but not cooled seats so I’m not sure if you’d have much luck finding that option on a 2500.

When I bought this one I found the 2500s were harder to find, a lot of used fleet 2500‘s were available but they aren’t loaded up and many had holes drilled into the exterior and interior for emergency lights and comm gear and the back seats were vinyl. When I found mine I was happy that my optioned up burb was basically the same price as the fleets.

My neighbor is a gm master mechanic and warned me about afm and the 8 speed tranny issues so I steered clear of those.

good luck!

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