Looking for discontinued part

I have a 2002 GMC Envoy and I am trying to track down where I might find an Electronic Blower Motor Control Module/Resistor. The OEM part # for GM is 52494707 and the AC Delco equivalent is 15-80186. Anyone have any ideas on where I could find this part?
Automatic or manual climate control?
It does require that you rewire the existing connector. It's pretty straightforward with instructions. It's an improved version.
It should come with everything except maybe the butt connectors. I would solder instead especially for the high current.


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There's only 3 connections it's pretty simple. I just did mine not long ago.
If your squeamish about soldering... this is a pretty cool alternative I've used with good success when in the road and need to make a repair...

They have a ring of solder in them...just hit them with a little butane torch and voila...the solder melts and the tube shrinks up...

You get the good solder connection, with the ease of a butt connector...

I usually put another shrink tubing over them for good measure....