Leaking sunroof


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I have an 04 LT. It has been raining the last couple days and I noticed that the sunroof is leaking.
I looked up videos on drain plugs and I noticed it seems like everyone else sunroof looks different. (not sure if the design of the sunroof changed at some point)

Anyways. I looked for drain holes and I was not able to find any.

Any help on this would be great. Thanks!


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The drain holes are in the two front corners. You have to look for them with your head out the sunroof. Here's a good YouTube vid:


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I looked and could not find it.
I found that video but it was little help to me as the style of my sunroof is not the same as that one.

Mine opens up in the rear and then goes back half way. It does not slide between the roof and headliner.

It was dark when I looked for the drain plugs, but I am still unable to find a similar sunroof as mine.


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OK, doesn't sound like it's a factory sunroof then. Can you take some pics of it?


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Sounds like the one our Impala had. Factory Chevy, but why would they (GM) put a different one in a TB than what everyone else had? Or it could be that that style is a viable option for a vehicle that didn't have a sunroof from the factory.


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Looks like you have a Hollandia 300 (Webasto 9499). Nice unit - motorized (the control head is in between the glass panel and the OEM roof console / sunglasses holder.)

Someone spent some bucks putting that in, 'back in the day'. Webasto makes some good quality stuff, and they aren't cheap.

Here's a parts manual (from 2007):


The main seal is #2 in the parts diagram. No idea if it's still available, but Webasto does have a US presence, so they could likely tell you one way or another.

Apparently, they still make / market them - here's a link to same:


From the parts diagram, I see no provision for drains (makes sense to me (?), being an aftermarket - how would one drill the channels, if in a vehicle with 'no' option for a sunroof - ?) So they depend on the two seals to keep the water out.

The stock drains likely go out the A-pillars, since they're up front (and none in the rear). Excellent chance they exist in all trim levels, as I can't see GM doing separate pillars for sunroofless models. But that doesn't mean water would automatically route to them with an aftermarket roof.

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