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Dec 4, 2011
Since I don't see that we have a section for giving kudos to vendors, I thought I'd throw this out here... My original grill broke, and since I couldn't find anyone locally who had a color-matched part, I figured I'd go for an unpainted part online. The first place I tried to order from wanted to charge me an extra $13 bulky-items fee! I thought that was a bit strange, so I did some more searching.

I finally ran across partsgeek.com. They shipped me a new, bare-plastic grill (including the clips, but not including the Chevy emblem). Including the shipping insurance I opted for, the entire cost was only $43. It arrived yesterday in a pile of bubble-wrap, and tonight I got the new grill clipped in place. Perfect fit, it looks just like (and for all I know it might be?) OEM equipment. So thanks for shipping a great replacement at a reasonable rate.

2002-2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer Grille Assembly - Body Mechanical & Trim - Action Crash 02-09 Trailblazer Grille Assembly - 3689-04006537 - PartsGeek

Of course, once I got the new grill in position and half the clips pressed in, I realized that I had forgotten to remove the broken clips from the original grill, and had to take it all back out again. :biggrin: Ah well, its all good now, and this Spring I can paint the new crossbar at the same time that I paint my new bumper.


Jan 25, 2012
Sweet deal. I know when I was looking to replace the cheap chinese one that had been put on my truck by the previous owner they ran anywhere from $50 for the cheap ones, to over $120 for OEM. I got a sweet deal on a color matched one, only issues was it has the headlight washer holes. Which is no big deal as it allows air to go straight to my intake. Think I paid like $60 shipped.

I usually ebay everything but for somethings places like Rockauto, or Partsgeek will have what I need for a decent price.

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