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Hey y'all! I'm looking at potentially moving to Kansas City in the next 45 days or so (relocating for promotion) and was hoping to get a little bit of insight on the area. I was out for two days this week to interview, and drove around a bit to check out the area. Been doing some research online, and trying to figure out if I got the job, where would I want to set down roots. Maybe someone local to, or at least familiar with the area could chime in, and make some recommendations for good and bad areas to look? The employment location is on the West side of the city on West 45th St. Was thinking that since my job would be on the Kansas side, I'd probably want my house to be too, but I'm not completely opposed to Missouri. Only beef I've got with Missouri at this point is the fact that Kansas doesn't require a front plate, and apparently Missouri does. Ideally, I'd like to stay within 30 miles or so of 66106. Looking for good schools, kids are 10th and 7th grade, and if I can come up with a couple of acres of property, that'd be awesome! Realtor websites can only help so much.


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Well, I made the cut to the top 3 candidates, but they ended up going with the local guy. Staying in Ohio for now.


There are some good brews in Cinci as well!

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