NEED HELP Interior LED Lights


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I replaced my stock interior lights with LED. When I open a door or use the dash dimmer to the on position they come on full power and are bright as expected but when I sitting in the car (even with the engine running) and I press a map light on it comes on but much dimmer both lights do this when on either individually or together. Why is this ? any help would be appreciated. I am new here so maybe this ia a dumb question but I can't use them as map lights driving me crazy
With the map light on, open the mirror to turn on its light. It will be bright then. Nobody knows why. It's one of the mysteries of these trucks, like the Caramilk secret.
Yeah same problem here man. I've had mine installed for 4 months and mine even flicker occasionally. I've replaced the license plate bulbs numerous times and they still flicker. But yeah, only full brightness when door is open.


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I actually prefer this. In the even I actually need to use a map light while driving, I don't want mine on full power. I run panels with 24x 5050 SMDs in each light position, two in the hatch, so if they are on full power you can't see squat out the windshield

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