I need recovery points

My '08 TB does not have the RPO for tow hooks! Why is that an option (rhetorical)? Better yet, why isn't it a legal requirement? I have read where to purchase and how to install.

I would like to hear about options for installing shackles.
Shackles will need custom fab. You cant rely on the front impact bar for them. best bet is to fab up a crossmeber spanning the frame rails to attach to, but then the cross member with the airbag sensors wont function right if you care about that. With my bumper I am sure i will be dead before the airbags go off.
Upstate Matt
Air bag sensor mods would require permission from the over site committee (wife.) I was trying to work around the curt front hitch, but I really like the notion of having a luggage rack in front in case I need a human shield. Ya know, like in Mad Max? That would be cool.

I am still evaluating my mission and I know that the front hitch will restrict approach angle quite a bit.
The front hitch will affect the airbag sensors. Anything that does not allow the frame to crumple as designed will.

I liked having the front hitch in the bumper. Came in handy for several things from a winch mount to a bottle opener, but the winch built into the front bumper is smoother.
Anything you add to the front can affect front impacts and the sensors.

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