How to Install The Tonno-Pro 8 Foot Truck Bed Cover & Bushwacker Rail Caps


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It will take you longer to read this Post... than the time it takes to install BOTH of these Items... (15) Minutes...Tops) assuming that you have Everything you need for the Job before beginning:

The Issues:

The Common Problem of having an Open Truck Bed is that it becomes The Dustbin in the Front Yard if you have overhanging Trees (AS IN MY CASE...See the linked Images) … Seasonal Inclement Weather that either Fills the Truck bed With Water in Warm Climes (AS MINE DOES… IT FILLS UP THE BED TOWARDS THE CAB END) Or suffer from Snow and Ice in Much Colder Regions.

Besides that… unless you enjoy loading & unloading the Truck Bed each and every time you need it to use it… either to protect what you have Loaded Up from Sudden Rain Storms and the Elements ...or worse yet...from EZ Access by Thieves, having a Secure Tri-Fold Top Cover over the Truck Bed MAKES PERFECT SENSE:

How to Install The Tonno-Pro 8 Foot Truck Bed Cover & Bushwacker Rail Caps… (First):

(1) Sweep Out and Wash Down the Truck Bed...Make it Free from Debris, Dirt and Water.)

(2) If present… Remove the Old Bed Rail Caps & Double Sided Tape if Present & Non-Functional.

(3) Wash Down the Upper & Outer areas of the Truck Bed Rails and Dry them with Blue Scott Towels.

(4) Wipe Down the Upper and Outer areas of the Truck Bed Rails with Isopropyl Alcohol & Dry them.

(5) Double Check the New Bushwacker Rail Caps for Length and place them on the Proper Sides.

(6) Invert each Rail Cap & PARTIALLY Peel and Remove a Portion of the Red Dbl Sided Tape Pieces.

(7) Align the Very Edges of the Tail Gate/Light ends of the Rail & carefully Elevate the rest of the Cap.

(8) Insert the End Rail Cap and align the Stake Holes with the Holes in the Bushwacker Rail Cap.

(9) Drape the Loose Red Tape Protectors on either side of the cap and walk the length towards the Cab.

(10) Starting in the Middle Area… Carefully and slowly peel the Red Protectant Tape sections Free.

(11) Work your way from the Center Out and Press Down Evenly apply 30 Lbs of Force as per 3M Co.

(12) The 3M Double Sided Tape will Cure & Hold better after 24 Hours if using a Clamped 8'X2”X4”.

Now… To Install the Tonno-Pro Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover:

(1) Carefully Unbox the Tri-Fold Cover… WATCH THOSE SHARPS or You’ll Cut The Vinyl Cover.

(2) Clean Out the Truck Bed of Dirt, Debris and Water.

(3) Ensure that your Truck Bed Rail Caps are Properly secured with Double Sided Tape.

(4) Note the Orientation of the Tri-Fold Cover...the Vinyl Rain Cap Faces the Back of the Cab Body.

(5) Undo the Thin Paper Tape & Cardboard Packing securing the Clamps along the Rails on both sides.

(6) Position the Tri-Fold unit evenly along the Side Rails & over the Back of the Bed adjacent the Cab.

(7) Reach in under the Tri-Fold Cover and Lightly Pull Down on Each Security Hold Down Clamp.

(8) Slide each Clamp around on the Square Tri-Fold Rail and Position them UNDER the Rail Body.

(9) Position the Aluminum “L” Brackets UNDER each Rail Lip and Carefully Hand Tighten them.

(10) Do NOT OVER-TIGHTEN Them. Unhook the Tri-Fold Plastic-Nylon Straps & Unfold the Cover.

(11) Repeat Number (5) and then Numbers (6-10). Reverse these procedures until the Covers Stack up.



(1) The Bushwacker Bed Rail Caps have Cut-Outs for the use of Wood/Steel Stakes in the Rail Holes.

(2) The Bushwacker Bed Rail Caps cover a wider area & use MORE 3M Dbl-Sided Tape Sections.

(3) After Installing the Caps… Use an 8’X2”X4” along with (3) Wood Clamps to apply PRESSURE.

(4) Remove the 8’X2”X4” after 24 Hours and the 3M Tape will have a Permanent Grip.

(5) The TonnoPro Vinyl is Pre-Stretched. When all of the sections are locked down… it Stretches Tight.

(6) The Perimeter of the Cover offers 360 Degrees of Weather Sealing on top of a Tubular Rubber Seal.

(7) The Vinyl Rain Dam across in between the Cab & the Truck Bed offers Extra Rain Protection.

(8) The Aluminum Cross Rails under the Tri-Fold Cover are STRONG enough to support vs. SNOW.

(9) These two sets (Bushwacker & TonnoPro) of Products Played WELL Together during Installation.


(1) The Manual Hold Down Clamps will NOT Work with a Full Truck Bed Liner and I’ll have to design and install something that will be a suitable substitute to solve the problem. I’ll post a follow up with images when I figure this problem out.

(2) The BONUS PACK advertised along with the Sale of the TonnoPro Cover was NOT inside of the Transport Box. This additional “Gift” was supposed to Include the following Items:

(A) A Velcro Attachable, Battery Powered “Truck Bed” Flashlight which would prove very useful since the area under the cover; even in Broad Daylight, can be as “Dark as Fingal’s Cave” (Queue the moody music composed for us by Felix Mendelssohn in his “Hebrides (Scottish) Overture” portion by the same name: “Fingal’s Cave”) I defy anyone to say they’ve never heard this musical theme being played on Youtube. Google for an image of Fingal’s Cave ... You’ll get the idea!

(B) One Pair of Protective Work Gloves

(C) One Spray Bottle of Vinyl Cleaner and a Proper Towel for the Job.


(3) The Last Issue is probably A No Biggy… But it WOULD be nice if Bushwhacker would Dress up the Edges of the Bed Rails as have a very slight waver along their lengths by just a fraction due to the presence of some Plastic Mold Die Sprue Residue that sticks to them as they exit the Hot Mold. I suppose it is too much trouble for a nearly $100 Kit for Bushwhacker to pay attention to and tidy up those small details. But it can be easily remedied by carefully dragging a Razor Blade Knife Backwards along those edges and clean them up. This does NOT cause a problem with fitment and overall appearance though and I doubt that any other Makers of similar items pays any attention to that detail either.

Here are the Images I took tonight… I’ll add some Daylight Shots once I sort out the Clamping Issues for the Tonno-Pro Tri-Fold Cover tomorrow:
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I actually bought this very tonneau recently - but from Auto Anything (they were selling over Xmas for $199, which is a great price for a folding / roll-up model). For the $, I think it's a great choice. We'll see how it holds up- I put it on the new Sierra that I'm keeping.

Re: Mendelssohn's 'Hebrides' - a very enjoyable piece to listen to (& even more so to play - unless you're a tuba or euphonium You know it's spring when you see this popping up on school recitals hither & yon... :smile: BUT - I have to say that I have *never* heard this on a YT video. Maybe you're just a bit too 'highbrow' for us GMT mooks, @MRRSM....Lmao!


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You could be right... More than One Member has probably muttered..."Murder me... Somebody...!" after trudging through any of my 'tomes' LOL... But here is my take on the matter:

"Mitch...When You're Smart... People Need You...!" (Val Kilmer...Real Genius)

We might as well indulge Felix and let our Folk hear and see what the fuss is all about. My God... I could NOT stand to remain inside of Fingal's Cave for 10 Seconds!


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