How has everyone been.


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Jan 25, 2012
Figured I would hop on and see how everyone has been. I have been popping in every week or so to keep up on stuff on the forum and it is nice to see the amount of people coming from the OS. We have finally calmed down on working on the house I have everything about 90% done, I need to clean the garage out again as it seems to be the place all of the extra stuff accumulates after a project. I will update my house thread when I get a chance. New things for us, we got engaged last month Tiffany is very excited and we have settled on the idea for a destination wedding.

As far as the truck goes look like it will be going back into the body shop, I got hit by a guy heading into work. The damage from his car was minimal but moving to the right to avoid him I slammed into a curb with intense force. So far I am looking at a new passenger side fender, 2 new wheels, possibly 2 new tires, new bumper, fender liner, body work for the driver side fender and who the hell knows what happened to the suspension/steering. The steering feels floaty and it does not track the same. I am meeting the adjuster Wednesday so we can see what damage is.

So whats been going on in the nation the last 4 months.


Nov 18, 2011
Check the tie-rods and the the whole rack out. Ball Joints and control arms may have issues if you hit hard enough.

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