Google is scaring me!


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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
I was reading limequat's thread on making and selling a CAI. I then looked up and saw the ad that Google put up. WTF? I know Google uses past searches and visited websites but this is reading the content of what we're looking at that moment.


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
If you have a Google-ANYTHING account you'll have seen their new terms of service and privacy policy. They can target ads to you based on what's in the EMAIL you're reading, or related to the book you bought after a recent Google search.

Next time you wonder how they afford their fancy Google World HQ and wonderful personnel policies and to offer all sorts of FREE services, you'll know.




Dec 16, 2011
Google is an advertising company first, an everything else company second. This has been said by Google on numerous occasions... How else are they going to find out what ads to disply to you?

However... The money that they bring in on the ads have allowed pretty good free stuff to be released and... well... some pretty bad stuff (see also: Wave)

Besides, Google's TOS isn't anywhere as bad as this:


(Yes, that's really what it says).


Jan 25, 2012
:confused: We have ads? Never knew ads popped up in that spot.

I am going to agree with Kardain Google and their Terms & Conditions are nothing compared to others. At this point so many people are wired into these companies, they could probably track when you have a BM based on when you play Angry Birds, or surf for a certain period of time. Nothing scary, (well sort of) this has been done by advertising corporations for a long time, not to mention major retailers. There was an article a while back that claimed target could tell when women are pregnant based on what they by over a certain time period, next step coupons for such items.

I look at it like this, I would worry more about your ISP and the information they retain than what Google sees. If anything it makes for a less painful experience without massive amounts of random adds that have nothing to do with our vehicle, let alone cars in general.


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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
I have AdBlock but disabled it for here so as to not block any revenue for the site. I have my own domain and use my own email so unless someone has a warrant, nobody else will read my emails. Another reason I also don't go on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Bad enough that privacy is almost non-existent that I will not open myself completely to the world willingly. I don't divulge a whole lot to most people online.

That's funny. ITunes<=>weapons of mass destruction. I guess they don't want anybody propagating really bad music :rotfl:

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