Getting "Affordable": The Autel MAXI-DAS DS-708 Scan-Tool Kit


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Oct 22, 2015
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Another Opportunity to get Your hands on a Complete, Working Autel MaxiDas DS708 is present in THIS eBay Offer ...BUT...It is Open for BIDDING ONLY (With Nobody Bidding as of Today...10/30/2023 @ 11:108 AM). Ordinarily, I only like alerting our Folks at GMT Nation when these Autel MaxiDas Offers arise that are either being made at a Set "Buy It NOW" Price...or as an "OBO" (Or Best Offer) type of eBay Offer.

But... In THIS Case...if your are DILIGENT ...observe that the Bidding Period will END in 5 Days from TODAY: Monday, October 30th, 2023. So... If you are SERIOUS about getting this Autel Kit... LURK IN SILENCE OVER THIS KIT... AND DO NOT PLACE ANY BIDS UNTIL JUST 45 SECONDS BEFORE THE BIDDING PERIOD ENDS and the sale closes.

In my experience... Over-Bidding in the Last Few Seconds will freeze the price at the LAST OFFICIAL BID and so the person with the Largest Offer WINS THE SALE... but the Winner Does NOT get Charged for their Highest Offer...The Pay Out Required is only for the LAST BID OFFER that appears on the eBay Sale Page Bidding Screen. THAT is the One That COUNTS. I would NOT make any Bids or Offers above $400.00 on this System!

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Buyer Beware..

Contact the eBay Seller to confirm that THIS Unit includes the SD-RAM OEM Operational Software Card that is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for its proper operation (as indicated so far by the views of the NA USA GM, Ford and Chrysler Selection Screens...) AND READ EVERYTHING PRIOR TO THIS POST TO GET COMPLETELY PREPPED AND INFORMED ABOUT THE AUTEL MAXI-DAS DS-708 SCAN TOOL KIT!


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