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Dec 7, 2011
Dawson creek BC Canada
hello guys i have a question my grandfather's 2001 GMC Sierra and the fuel gauge will just die some times and then the low fuel light comes on what could be causing it?? i think the stepper motor is dieing but want to make sure. Also my mothers 2004 Chevy silverado has a weird fuel gauge, lets say she has half a tank the she drives down the street to work about 1 mile and then when she starts it to come home it says there's low fuel it dose this all the time never shows the same so what could cause the gauge to do this????

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Nov 20, 2011
im not that inclined to the GMC's, but does it have the same issues that our platform would have? You're saying that the light comes on and the gauge doesnt work.. it could be a stepper motor, but remember the whole big stink about getting a letter from GM to offer and pay half for the fuel level sensor, this was for the 2007 model TB's... it kinda sounds like that to me.. light on, and false gauge readings.. but i dont know if the early GMC's have those kinda issues.. but it could be that or a the fuel level sender

i know my friends 2001 Blazer just had this very issue.. low fuel light on, and gauge inaccurate.. turned out to be the fuel level sensor/sender... dont remember the technical term that was on the paperwork lol

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