Full size: what are you towing with yours?


We have a thread like this in the GMT360 section so I thought I would start one in the full size section.

Here's the Avalanche pulling out old TT. She's about 5000# right now mostly empty. Took it to North Bay to our son as we are giving it to him. It towed very well with it's 6.0L and 4.10 gears. In tow/haul mode it was even able to go into 4th on flats.

Towing our new TT back home will be the real test.


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Nice! What i was curious about was the 6.0 option in them. I always thought that platform was stuck with the 5.3.


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The 6.0L was available thru 2008. The interesting thing was, you could get the engine in the 1/2 ton (1500) version of the Avalanche, whereas if you wanted the 6.0L in the same-gen Silverado, you had to get the 3/4 ton.

In the early years, the 8.1L was available in this truck, as well, same as the regular pickups. Most likely, you had to get to the top trim levels to get the bigger engines (Moose's is a top dog LTZ)

Also in the earlier years, there was a 3/4 ton Avalanche. Quick way to tell is the 8-lug wheels. People who have these don't give them up, so if you like the Lanche, and want the 3/4 ton version, you're going to be looking a while to find a decent one. I think these were only available during the (matte grey) 'cladding' years.


Not regularly at all but I towed my 99 Camaro on a uhaul car trailer with ease with my 5.3 Silverado 3.73 gears before. According to uhaul that trailer is 2,200 pounds and the curb weight of my car is approx 3,300-3400 pounds (depends on where you look, I have not actually weighed it), so 5,500 pounds total give or take a hundred. Had no problems holding 70mph up hill and I still got 14mpg or so.

In comparison a half loaded 20 ft Ford uhaul van couldn't keep it above 60 up that same hill and got maybe 8 mpg on the same trip. Lame!

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