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Dec 4, 2011
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Transactions: Buy/Sell/Trade

C1. The classifieds section is NOT for advertising products or services of a company or person. You must have actual items listed to be in compliance with the rules.
C2.All for sale, for trade or wanted posts must go in the appropriate classifieds section. No transactions are permitted in other parts of the site.
C3.For Sale threads should include pictures of the items. Pictures should include a piece of paper with the member's user name and date. Exception to this rule would be for numerous items for sale (i.e. in the case of a vehicle part-out) but a few main item pictures should be included.
C4.Please read and understand the rules before posting in the classifieds. If you are unclear on what the rules require, contact a Moderator BEFORE posting.
C5.Users must not violate any established policies of 3rd parties involved in transactions (ie payment or shipping companies). This includes but is not limited to providing false transaction information in order to avoid fees and duties.
C6.GMTNation makes no attempt to verify any aspect of transactions. People who buy, sell or trade on GMTnation do so at their own risk and should exercise due diligence.
C7.In accordance with PayPal's User Agreement, you are not allowed to charge buyers for your fees. Do not request that buyers add additional costs to their total to cover fees.
C8.For Sale and Wanted Threads older than 30 days will be locked unless bumped/updated by the OP, which will reset the clock.

Note: If your thread was locked and would like it unlocked, please click on the Report button of your post and request that it be unlocked.
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