Envoy XUV tailgate problem


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Dec 23, 2012
Hi everyone, new tv transplant here.

I have a 2004 envoy XUV, SLT 4x4

My tailgate refuses to open. At first, when I would try to open it, I could hear a noise like it was trying to open(servos?), but now even the noise is gone, except when I press the big yellow button that is inside. I checked the fuses and they are all good. I'm not sure about the small metal things that plugs into the fuse socket though (what are those called anyway?)

I took the inside panel of the tailgate off in order to manually open the tailgate. I have been trying to figure out a way to pull the little metal tab up, but realized that once I open the tailgate, it might not close again if some electrical component is bad. Are my fears unfounded?

Just now I wrapped some duct tape around my fingers, so I wouldn't get cut and decided to open the gate anyways so that I could at least get the spare tire out, just in case. I failed once again. I'm not strong enough to push the tabs with my fingers. Does anyone have any idea what to do? The window will go up and down normally, but the tailgate won't open, the sliding roof refuses to move also.

Does this sound like an expensive repair if I took it to a dealer?

Thank you


Oct 7, 2012
If you go back to the OS, you can search out issues with the endgate and midgate. There is a whole section on all of the things that can go wrong and how to fix them. I just replaced all of the latches (upper left, lower left and upper right) after having the same issue as you are having now. There are links on the OS, suggesting where to purchase the latches and switches. I think you will need the latches for sure but may also need to replaced the upper left side switch. The latches are around $200.00 to replace all of them. I didn't have to replace the switches, so I don't know how much they are. All of the parts for the XUV's are getting scarce so also look into the midgate and endgate window regulators. That's the issue I'm dealing with now. Good Luck!

I noticed just now that you are in AZ. I got the replacement latches from a Buick/GMC dealer in Mesa. I don't remember the name but if you do a search for dealers in Mesa, you should be able to find it.


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Dec 23, 2012
I took the Envoy back to the place that I bought it, a Toyota dealer. They used some kind of computer thing to open the tailgate. They took the spare tire down and put it in the back for me, just in case of a flat. They told me that I either need a new body control module, or that I need to have my current one re-flashed. They also found out that I need a new fuel filter.

The Toyota dealer isn't able to flash the BCM, so they referred me to the local Chevy dealer. I wish that all dealers could work on all cars.
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