Engine grind noise

My 05 w/ 4.2 broke down on the wife yesterday. She said it made a loud popping sound and pulled to the right and stalled . I went and looked at it after work and it starts and makes a horrendous noise for a few seconds and stalls. It has oil showing on dipstick. I took belt off and sane thing still. ( We've had the power steering leaking and thought maybe that seized but no) any suggestions on what to check?? We have 211,000 miles on it
Hard to diagnose something like this at a distance. If possible to make a video, that would help. However, since you took the belt off, if it has a very mechanical type noise, it might not be good. One thing comes to mind is something with the timing chain since it also stalls.


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If you get it started, can you feel any kind of vibration if you have your hand over the timing chain cover? (where the oil is poured into the engine).

A video would be helpful, but if its as loud as you say it is then something inside the engine has gone south.

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