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Question for the mods...

I'd been constructing a post on replacing the idler arm on the Sierra. Used the 'save as draft' feature a couple of days ago.

Today, when I wanted to finish up / make some revisions for accuracy - I can't find the saved draft (I made sure the system sent me a 'saved' response when I saved it last).

I know these can be tricky to find - but can someone provide a confirmation on how long 'drafts' are saved? I know it may vary, depending on privilege level - but I'm pretty high on that particular food chain, too.

Usually, if I've got something like this I've been working on, I'll copy / paste it to my local machine - but in this case, I put my faith in the GMTN forum software. Hopefully, it wasn't misplaced? (either my faith, or the post, or both) LOL

Thanks to whomever responds - and you're welcome to take this to PM if needed.


I know it saves a draft when writing a response and will reappear when you go back to that thread. For new threads, not sure how that works. Maybe try going back to that same section and start a new thread again. It might reappear. Or might have the option of bringing it back.

I don't have too much faith in that feature and use it just for when my browser crashes or I'm interrupted while typing a response.


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Yep - I tried the items above (and a few others) - thanks anyway.

Funny how it does that - because if I'm writing a reply to someone *else's* thread, and then decide not to post it - I can leave that thread, and come back to it - days later - and see what I typed up waiting to send - even across devices , and without saving that content as a draft

(I can't recall whether or not I have to 'preview' it, but if the bug committee asks me to, I'll be happy to validate the case scenarios for them.) I'd call it a 'feature' anyway, TBH.

But, obviously, all of that doesn't work so well for *new* content. Maybe someday.
If there's a list of planned fixes / enhancements, I'll submit this to be added for future consideration. :compu-punch:

On edit - go ahead and close this thread; if continued conversation on this is warranted, I think it's better to do it via PM, not publicly.

Thanks for the reply - appreciate.
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