Do car auctions usually have auto locksmiths hanging around?

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Oct 12, 2017
Do car auctions usually have auto locksmiths hanging around?

Concidering purchasing a theft recovery 04 chevy express van w/out keys.

1.will auction allow me to use a screwdriver for key and cruise off, until I duplicate key and fob. can a auction expemt mileage. they are advertising a image of odometer w/ the milage. How is this possible w/out a key?

3.this is a real roll of the dice not knowing whether the engine runs or not, however I’m prepared to pay for a decent roller.

4.expect to pay X amount to lock smith? 04 GM loaded w/ options have door key different from ignition key.will vin # revolve if vehicle was built w/ keyless entry?
6.anyone cut there own key auto zone w/ there new service of keys?

It seams to me the auction is either lying about no key to disgusse the fact the engine is toast, they could easily have a key made and increase there sold price w/ a running vehicle.

I have purchased a police auctions van that was a recovery then sold for storage fees this gov deals auction is lets say more reliable disclosing infor.

I feel/think I’m missing something w/ the copart auction an no keys issue.

Thanks for advicing

Having an extremely hard time locating my preferred van pre 07 chevy express YF7 explorer resorting to recoveries if it actuelly where only a key


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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
Or just opening the door will show mileage.


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Dec 3, 2011
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Our local city auction will have locksmiths hanging around on auction day. However, our local auction REQUIRES the vehicle to be towed off property. Even if its just out to the street, it must be towed there.

Most of the purchasers will have it towed out to the street, have the locksmith make new keys, program computers, etc. Than they jump start it, if it starts, they drive off, if it doesnt, they car dolly it out of there.


Dec 1, 2019
N of Baton Rouge, La.
Copart is different from other auto auctions in that most of their cars are from insurance companies that totaled or salvaged titled them. In that process they may have been to several towing company lots, repair shops, etc . Its not unusual at all to not have the keys for these cars.....and while regular auto auctions w cars from dealers that are mostly swap shops know very little about the actual condition of the cars (beyond the reason they cant or wont sell themselves) Copart usually knows nothing at all about the condition of the cars and your buying strictly on what you see is what you get.
Its kind of like at an Auto Dealers auction 90% of the cars are driven away after purchase at a Copart auction 99% are carried out on a tow truck.

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