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Direclink controller

Discussion in 'Towing' started by Frazier, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Frazier

    Frazier Member

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    Curious as to if anyone has used this controller


    I love the concept. Fully integrates with the vehicles computer and brakes rather than be inertia driven. I could also unplug it when it's not in use, and not put holes in my dash.

    Also, how does the factory cooling system (5.3L) hold up?
  2. Mooseman

    Mooseman Moderator

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    It's an interesting design.

    The stock cooling is fine as long as the fan clutch is working properly. It can look like it's fine but when you add some heat, a load and A/C, she'll get hot and A/C won't work well. It's the same electro-viscous clutch as the 4.2L up to 2007. 2008-09 used a thermal clutch.
    How to test the electro-viscous fan clutch

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