Considering a Yukon XL Denali

I've been towing with a 05 Envoy Denali. 5.3 w/ a 3.42 axle. Our trailer weight is 4500 dry. When it's loaded up and excess is the rear of the Envoy I would guess weight is 6500+.

Acceleration and sway control is just OK, not great, so I'm looking to go to something larger, with a longer WB and more HP. Not a pick up truck fan, but wouldn't completely rule it out.

The air ride, self leveling, rear suspension worries me some.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.
Air bag system is easily replaceable with coil springs so no problem there. 3.73 gears would be better suited for towing. A longer wheelbase will reduce your towing capacity some.
I see that they make 2 WB lengths. The Yukon w/ 116" and the XL w/130".
Why would the longer WB reduce towing capacity?
Which would tow noticeably better it at all?
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The increased weight of the truck itself takes away from the available weight for the trailer. For example, if a SWB truck is capable of moving and stopping
10 000 total where the truck is 5000 and the trailer is 5000, then if a LWB is 6000, then the trailer can only be 4000 for the same total of 10 000 since everything mechanically is the same between the two trucks except the weight.

I don't think there is much difference except for towing capacity really.


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When it's loaded up and excess is the rear of the Envoy I would guess weight is 6500+.
If I am reading this correctly you are putting excess gear in the back of the Envoy. Are you taking passengers too? If so you are likely exceeding or at least maxxing out the allowable tongue weight which could contribute to less than desirable handling. I have a similar set-up ('06 Denali SWB, 3.42s, 24' travel trailer that is ~4200k empty and I'd guess 5200 loaded). When doing the calculations I found that me and the family were almost the amount weight left in the cargo capacity after the trailer tongue weight was accounted for.

My set-up is certainly no barn burner, but I find it accelerates decently from a stop so long as I keep it in 1st until 3k RPM min, a bit more if there's a hill. A Yukon may do better but they cost a lot and use more fuel so be sure it's what you want. Good luck.