click-click noised in right rear


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Wife's 06 trailblazer ext makes a click-click noise on start up. Sounds like it is coming from behind the right rear interior trim panel. It does have rear a/c. Is there some sort of a/c actuator or solenoid in there that could make this noise?


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Good thinking. You might want to try some liquid wrench on the plastic "star" pins which the actuators slide onto. One of mine was seized and I broke off part of the plastic taking the actuator off (yes, I had already taken the little screws off the corners). If you break off the pins it becomes a much more difficult job, as those are attached to the blend doors which the actuator controls.


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So I should have read the above post. I broke one of the pins that the actuator slides onto. I will try to glue it. Does anvone have experience with this? What glue to use? Was mark'stb a manual or automatic system or does it matter for these actuators? Local NAPA can get one, but it is $80+. Getting all of that plastic off first was a real bear.


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If you can get a Screw that approximates the size of that Pin.... Try to drill down through the Center of the Broken base of the Pin...and then screw the fastener into the Hole far enough to get a decent grip...and use a Dremel Tool to Slice off the Head of that Fastener. Then Mix up some JB-Weld and shape a coating around that Fastener that is appropriately sized to look like and replicate the function of the Broken Off Pin. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN THE FASTENER.

Mix the JBW THOROUGHLY ..with 50/50 Ratio... as close to perfect as possible. Use the Fast Working Flavor of JBW...otherwise... it will wind up running down the length of the Repair Screw like Molasses. Don't fiddle around with it too much... No one ever won a Prize for Beauty when getting rescued by JB-Weld. You can always shape the New Pin down later with a Dremel Tool using a few small sanding disks to make it fit just right ...once it sets Rock Hard. The less you fiddle around with the repair... the more likely it will work.


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First, I want to apologize to mark'stb for hijacking his thread. Not a good thing. If the moderator feels that I should start a new one, I will do it. In the meantime, I have already glued the parts back together. It broke where the pin necks down and is used for indexing. I believe that, as long as I index it correctly, it will be fine. The load carrying splines are still probably at 90%


A slight deviation but part of the repair and info in case it goes sideways. If it goes any further, yeah, should start your own thread.

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