Calling all Tech 2 and high end scanner owners


I want to start a list of owners of Tech 2's that would like to make their services/help available to other forum members. I don't like having to refer members to dealers because they are usually the only ones with it so if we can get a network going, it would be a benefit to all.

Personally, I wouldn't ask for money from members (others are another story) but if anyone has benefited from this, I have two suggestions. The one who received the help pledge to become a member of GMTNation (if not already) or tip the owner of the Tech 2 by buying lunch, a couple of drinks, a bottle of their favourite beverage, etc. Would also depend if the Tech 2 owner has to displace himself to get to the vehicle in the case of a no-start, ABS brake bleeding and the like where I would ask for gas money. The one being helped should normally be the one to displace himself.

I would also like to mention that this will be a voluntary service and not a business. Strictly according to the goodwill of all involved. Requests would be by PM's.

I'll start it off. Maybe the following format would work and I can modify this post adding members.

User name
Willing to travel if necessary? Distance?

Edit: If you have another advanced type of scanner (i.e. Solus or Snap On), you can also be added to the list. Just indicate the type and up to what year it is updated to.

NOTE: Requests will be allowed but will be deleted after a while to keep this thread clean. Please stay on topic.

Tech 2 updated to 2013

User name: Mooseman
Location/area: Ottawa, Ontario Canada (south/Greely area)
Willing to travel: yes, within ~60 minutes
Will work for food, drink
PM for cell
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I do not have a tech 2. I own a solus updated to 2012, and an old red brick snap-on scanner updated to 2006. Both have domestic/asian capabilities.

Add me to the list. I can do 90% what a tech2 can. Including CASE relearns, ABS bleeding etc.

User name: Neohio
Location/area: Lake County, Ohio.
Willing to travel: yes, within 40 or so minutes.
PM for cell or BB pin #


That is excellent. Thank you Neohio! I added you to the list and I also changed the title so that we can include even more.

Lets keep this going!


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User name: swede
Location/area: Märsta, Sweden
Willing to travel if necessary: For a fee
Distance: ∞

Tech 2
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C-ya (Justin)
Berrien County, Southwest Michigan/Northwest Indiana - will travel up to 50 miles with the promise of craft beer and/or lunch!
Tech 2 clone
PM for cell number or email
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Username: Littleblazer
Location: Central Jersey
Willing to travel: 50-80 miles. (A little gas money, nothing is necessary though)
Contact info: Just PM me.

Tool: Tech2 clone


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User name: should be obvious, but its Regulator (Matthew)
Location/area: Warsaw, IN
Willing to travel if necessary? : of course
Distance? : ask, the worst I can say is no

Bill Reid

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User Name: Bill Reid
Location/Area: South Chandler / Phoenix
Willing to Travel: Yes - not (currently) interested outside of AZ.
PM for cell
Caveat: I'm a novice... lets figure a plan ahead of time before I arrive.

Tech 2 clone w/ TIS2000 laptop


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Username: m.mcmillen
Location/Area: Central Wisconsin
Willing to Travel: 30 minutes or so
I have a Snapon Modis Ultra that is kept updated all the time. It will do most of what the Tech 2 will do. I also have a Pass Thru Pro 2 that can be used to re-flash any GM module. I can use the Pass Thru Pro as a Tech2 as well.


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Nick from Boston, MA here.

I have an hptuners setup. Not really a tech 2 but i can at least see the code and or shut them off if you buy the credits! I do pretty rad tunes for fairly cheap. Not limequat cheap but close to it.
User name: Erik
Location/area: St.Louis / St.Charles Mo
Willing to travel: yes

PTP2 and Bosh MasterTech
Current Subscription to Tech2win and SPS
Snap On Ethos Pro

GMT-800 Trucks and SUV's are my specialty
I have OFF Car Support for all of the following (Can add more as requested)
PCM Reprogramming 99-06-07 & E38
BCM Reprogramming
RDS Radio Unlocking
Air Bag Module Crash Reset
Speedometer Miles / Hours / DIC Upgrade
Transmission Control Module E38
Transfer Case Control Module 03-06-07
Passenger door Module Programming

PM for cell


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(Adding to list, now that I have a Tech 2)

Tech 2 updated to 2013

User name: Reprise
Location/area: Lake County, IL
Willing to travel: Actually Prefer to do so. Rough N/S boundaries: Milwaukee, WI / Interstate 80
PM for Cell
Note - I'm an (in)competent user, not a GM Tech / professional mech.


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Time to toss my hat into the ring...

Username: southsidesmoka
Diagnostic/Scan Tool: Complete Tech 2 Clone Setup w/ TIS2000 & TIS2Web
Locale/Area: Columbia, SC
Travel: Yes, if necessary, pretty much anywhere up to ~ 100 miles from Soda City - gas money provisions for round-trip travel will be needed, please...
Contact: Message me with details, we'll set something up

Note: I am not a professional mechanic or technician...I just happen to love computers and Chevys.

- southsidesmoka


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Just arrived this week, it's a knock off but it works and I got the Candi module and all the accessories. I've also bought an old Dell laptop with XP and a real com port and have ordered the TIS2000 software CD/dongle from eBay.

So if you need to copy a module, or do something that the tech2 will do that your old reader won't, then drop me a line. If you can make a small donation for using it that's great, cash, beer, pizza and cigars all accepted. If you can't that's OK too, I'll help for the Karma.

I won't lend it though, you'll need to come here and it won't leave, sorry but I'm not going to lend a $500 tool to a stranger.

I'm in Mission BC, just up the hill from the racetrack.


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Tech 2 Clone
User name: maverick6587
Location/area: Sterling Heights, Michigan
Willing to travel: yes, within ~30-45 minutes
PM for cell
Copied from Reprise. Note - I'm an (in)competent user, not a GM Tech / professional mech.
No charge necessary

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