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Bumper Replacement

Discussion in 'Appearance' started by ComputernerdBD, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Hey everyone. So now I am getting around to replacing the bumper cover due to ripped off side brackets and deep scrapes on it. However having nothing but problems with the old one. The only easy part of the whole operation was folding down the bull bar by unplugging the lights and removing one set of bolts and hinging it down. I could not remove the passenger side bumper bolt behind the grille as the threaded insert in the radiator support is spinning with it. The other one is no problem. Eventually I just had to cut the tab off the bumper to try to access it easier but still no go. Because I also ripped off the driver side bumper support (my fault) I backed out of the replacement. This was after I also took off the steel impact beam to try to get to that part with pliers and still no go. So now I am stuck with this bumper until I get this bolt out and then I need to figure out how to secure this new bumper cover afterward. Suggestions please? Thanks

    Update: I managed to get the bolt and fitting out by mutilating it with visegrips (not my original plan, I scratched up the metal badly but good thing it is not visible. Some paint is in order....), pushing it down the hole and then cutting the head of the bolt off with boltcutters. Then I had to use a screwdriver and magnet to fish out the broken piece from the bottom above the airbag sensor. Now I had to secure it with a big ziptie for now so that area is more or less secure but what could I use for a more permanent fix that will not require access to under the impact beam?
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