FOR SALE Broken 02 body and suspension Lifted TB with fresh upgraded transmission in Toronto Canada. Make an offer.


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This is probably a long shot because I'm up in Toronto but maybe someone near me is looking to lift...

I've got an 02 trailblazer with the Lift Meister 3 inch body and 3 inch suspension lifts along with the wheel adaptors. It's also got a fairly freshly rebuilt trans with all the upgrades and a wack load of other new parts (alternator, belt, lower control arms, ball joints, AGM battery, etc). It's probably not gonna come with the wheels and tires from the pics.

I've mangled something in the 4 wheel system. I think maybe the disconnect but it might be the whole front diff. It also has a paricidic draw that kills the battery in a few days.

I've bought something to replace it already and need to get rid of the TB. It's probably gonna end up at a scrap yard but that'll be a sad waste of the lifts and wicked transmission.

Anyone interested? I'm definitely not looking to get rich lol. Throw out an offer and let's see what happens.

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