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Hey all. Just got my rear brake line replaced and want to give it a complete flush even though the shop said they did it but, fluid in master still looks dirty. Are there any special procedures about bleeding with the ABS system on the trailblazers? Or just the basic open bleeder and hit the pedal. Want to replace as much fluid as possible. Also, do I need to push the pads in and flush the calipers themselves or not necessary?


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I do a standard open bleeder and pump deal. However, I use a large Gatorade bottle with tubing going through the lid into some fluid in the bottom, that way I don't have to close the bleeder every time I pump. It's a true one man operation. Just make sure that you don't run out of fluid in the reservoir and you won't need to worry about the ABS.


For the ABS, unless it has had air go through it, it doesn't need to be bled. If it does need it, you can either go on a gravel road and hit the brakes hard to activate it and bleed again or use a scanner like the Tech 2 to cycle the ABS motor.


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A better method is vacuum bleeding. I just installed a new master cylinder and needed to bleed it and flush the old fluid . I connected a "one man bleeder" to a vacuum pump and it quickly sucked out the old chocolate brown fluid - I just watched for the new clear fluid to show up in the transparent lines to the bleeder.
Suck out the old fluid from the master first and refill it. Then you'll be pulling clean fluid through the system when you do it at each wheel. The whole job took just over half a quart.
If you're fanatical about it you'll want to remove the reservoir and clean it out - there's a lot of sediment and residue that will collect in an old reservoir.....
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