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Dec 10, 2012
Since y'all have become family, I wanted to share our truly wonderful and relaxing vacation. For us, it was our combined honeymoon, vacation and get-away all in 1 since we met 5 years ago and married 2 years ago.

If you've been, then you know this photo and where it was taken. Hint: it's underwater...

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Breakfast on the veranda...

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Dinner on the beach...

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Thursday night beach party...

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Drinks at the pool bar...

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Enjoying the infinity pool...

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Beach comfort...

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Cat trip and cave swim...

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Rick's Cafe

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A little time in the air...

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And watching sunsets

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Who knew a relationship could be so good!?!?!?!?!?!?

The get-a-way was great, and the vacation never ends.... :wink:

Robb and Dottie


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Denali n DOO

May 22, 2012
Nice pics, looks like you guys had a great time doing lots of different things :thumbsup: One of my favorite trips was to Runaway bay Jamaica. I left the resort with a local I met on the beach...after being advised by resort security that I don't go with him, and he took me to Nine Mile, St Ann where Bob Marley's Mausoleum is. He waited at the gates until I was finished and took me back to the resort. Inside the grounds it was just me and a tour guide called Captain Crazy, no one else in our group at all. We shared a smoke n sang Bob Marley songs walking through the grounds. When he took me inside Bob's house no one else was in there, I asked and he let me sit on Bob's bed. Near the end of the tour was the mausoleum, I went inside, Bob is in there in a crypt and his half brother is in a crypt under him. It was an amazing trip.

You have some nice pics there, and I'm positive you got plenty more! If you make a slideshow to music of you and your Bride's honeymoon/vacation, here's a couple tracks that are fitting, Tyrone Taylor singing songs about Negril...:thumbsup:




Nov 18, 2011
Very nice. Would love a vacation like that.


Original poster
Dec 10, 2012
Very nice. Would love a vacation like that.

It was like a dream; possibly once in a lifetime for us. We also kept our "events" down to 1 per day so as to not be stressed or pushed for time. An event is defined as: snorkel, hobie-cat, catamaran (booz cruise), para-sailing, Rick's Cafe, etc. Prior and after each event was relaxation in the pool or in the ocean.

This was our treat "before we get too old" and may not be able to do everything/anything we wanted. Prime example, jump 50' off the cliff at Rick's -- we're probably good for 5 years, but possibly not 10 years from now.

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