Amazon Product $76.00 Hand-Held Oscilloscope & Digital Multi-Meter to 20 Amps


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If you are looking for a very inexpensive but capable Oscilloscope-Digital Multi-Meter for Automotive Diagnostics… you’d be hard pressed to find one that has all of the features packed into this device and at a Very Low Price of only $75.99 via this link at Amazon ...and that is just a fraction of what the Big Boys are charging for their High End, Similar Hand Held Devices:

So ...If you ever wanted to extend you ability to test your Beefed Up Audio System or observe The Square Wave - Hall Effect of certain sensors and components that signal the PCM using 5 Volt Pulse Width Modulation … this device can REALLY become what you might call “The Scope ...Without The Rope”.



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Read the customer reviews and it really seems you get what you pay for. It seems the scope portion is not useful. People have problems with the User Manual, Chinese to English conversion doesn't hack it. I don't believe you can have a decent scope in a $80 device.




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Most of the time... if I'm going to tout anything here at GMTN... I usually will do so ...after I make a purchase... So I DO try to Put My Money Where My Mouth is about stuff like this. What I WOULD like to see is more information like the data in THIS video in which some fair and extensive comparisons are made between THIS Device and two other High End Oscilloscope Meters by Technicians who actually use this kind of equipment professionally ...and they draw their conclusions based on empirical evidence and actual experience with testing this device against other Digital Tools... just like THIS one.

The link at the bottom goes to my Photobucket that shows the Complete Un-Boxing of my LIUMY LM2001 Oscilloscope-Multi-Meter... that took me for all of $80.00 ....NOT $700.00 ...and by the way....I made my purchase after doing quite a lot of research ...not based upon what others wrote about not understanding "Chinglish" ...but upon seeing THIS video and deciding to 'pull the pin'. So if you have a Fluke Meter... or one of the other Higher End, More Expensive Oscillo-Meters, @freddyboy61... please ...let us have a look at it with some close up images just like mine ... so that I can see what I'm missing:
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