4L60E - What's Next to Go?


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I've got 130k miles on the clock and my trans has been a minor PITA since 84k with little gremlins appearing here and there. I'm at my wits end trying to connect the dots. What should I replace next?

Things I have replaced:
- Spacer plate
- Accumulator pistons (pinless)
- TCC valve (fixed TCC flutter)
- Manifold Pressure Switch (it set a code and would get stuck in like 2nd gear or limp mode)
- Fluid with Dexron IV (40k miles on fluid)

Ongoing Symptoms:
- Hard 1-2 shift under normal acceleration (can chirp tires on slick pavement)
- Normal firm 1-2 shift at WOT (I don't do this much though)
- Hard P-D shift (sometines it will do this so violently there is an audible bang)
- Launching in "2" seems to start in 2 or just slips horribly until it shifts to 3.
- Manual 1 and 3 behave normally.
-All downshifting is completely normal.
- All 2-3, 3-4 and TCC lockups (PWM is disabled) feel normal and consistent

More details to come. It acted very out of character today (sloppy and sluggish). I will drive with the scanner hooked up tomorrow.


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Could it be a pump problem?

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