FOR SALE 2004 Trailblazer


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Look, its been minute since we left trailvoy. I have spent countless hours browsing gmtnation. Even have the shirt I won and wear it. Mechanic all my life. Have something for sale and it hurts. 2004 Trailblazer with Everything an aspiring off roader or future business owner would need, in the horrible state of Illinois.

2004 SWB 2nd owner
2 sets of tires (winter summer)
CAI intake
New exhaust, inc manifold, new cat too (cat is brand new, as well as 02's)
New trans 4L60E
New TC encoder motor
New Frt axle shafts/cv
New 8.6" G80 rear diff (TB EXT DIFF 3,23)
AWD disconnect \ Get that 4WD acuator out of here
new 4WD / programmed 4WD module
Brake fluid has been changed muliple times
New alternator
New PS Pump
AC belt delete, but system still charged
Hayden HD fan clutch
PCM4LESS programming
Wired and mounted for a western suburbanite, can sell with it
Plowed my neighbors driveways, my own, and my moms. Western 7'6" available
Every single thing you have read about on this site to make your truck awesome I have done
Rear z71 springs
Front lift, 2" spacers
bilstein 5100's in the rear, 4600's in the front.
Everything works in the interior
Very clean comes with weathtechs
Has an aftermarket system that sounds great with a single 12, amplified door speakers, alpine head unit from 2014, single din.
Has normal rust. Pretty much everything except the motor and frame has been replaced on this thing.




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A price and some pics would also be useful.


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The rear diff is 3.23 8.6". From an EXT/XL. It matches the front gearing. 4WD works that way, although I considered going to 3.73, but I would have done the front diff too. The price is make an offer. Its currently only listed here. My work bought me a new truck, with a plow. My wife is probally right we dont need this one anymore. I will separate plow/audio from truck if you are looking for a deal. I will take out both amps, the sub, and the head unit and put the factory one back in. You can keep the nice door speakers. Make an offer, anyone, I want it to be loved like I loved it. Owned it for 16 years. Pics soon to come, texing pics would be easier. Has rust on bottom tailgate and slight rust on bottom of doors. Has slight driver side rear panel damage from a car wash. Door is fine, just some scrapes behind it.


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Not trying to call you out, but AFAIK, 3.23 was never an offered ratio in the 360/370. The *t-case* likely has '3.23' stamped on it (mine does), but the actual gears in the diff are either 3.42 (GU6), 3.73 (GT4; most likely), or 4.10 (GT5; very unlikely). G80 (and G86) are codes for rear locking diffs - you'll see them right after the axle ratio RPO, and if you don't see either, you have an open diff.
Do you know what year truck you pulled the axle from, and perhaps what engine was in it? Also, what RPO code is on the label in your glovebox?
Or just post a pic of the label; we can easily decode it. Hopefully, your front / rear diffs are the same ratio. Oh, and you still need an actuator, no matter what setup you have, even if it's the full-time AWD setup like the Olds, Buick, Saab, and TBSS have.
Even the manual floor shift t-cases on the full-size pickups have an actuator.

For everyone else... I'm probably an hour or so away from the OP (est. about 40mi).

While I'm not looking to buy it myself (no room), if anyone's interested in it and would like a firsthand opinion, let me know (PM is fine), and I can schedule a viewing with the OP.


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Sorry you are right, its a 3.42. Its been a long few days at work. its 3.42. Its a GU6 with the HD 8.6" rear end. it had g80 8.0 but I blew it up as we all do. Replaced with 8.6" G80 The front 4WD acuator is still pluged in and working. I feel I know more about this platform than you but I'm not a dick. Be well, and thanks for your questions/challenges. Transfercase still has (new) encoder motor and the front axle disconnect which is what you are referring to is still connected. I just put the front axle disconnect on from a TBSS.
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No worries. Just wanted to confirm. (for all I knew, maybe you put a Yukon R&P in it or similar (although a 3.23 for your app wouldn't be too smart, IMO). Also glad to hear your f/r diffs aren't mismatched.

Good luck with the sale!


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thanks reprise. also, this is probably assumed but all new frt/rear u joints. This truly is a fantastic truck. I Hate to see it go. 4K covers the new trans and rear diff, cant sell the plow with it at that price though. Make an offer please, anyone. If you are local ill warranty parts for 3 months. Trans has a nation wide warranty 3/36 from multistate transmissions
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