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(Actually, this is 1,001, for those counting...)

Wow. I've never posted a thousand of anything, anywhere. Took me almost exactly three years (my GMTN anniversary is in two days).

It's been nice to chat with fellow gearheads along the way - and except for instances I can count with maybe one finger (the middle one? LOL), it's been a very civil forum.

I'll say one thing - with what I've learned of the GMT360 / 370 / 375 platform here, I could've had a spot on GMs project design teams, back in the day. :book:
Thanks to every one of you who provided how-to's, advice, personal experiences, info, what have you.

Being empowered that way saves frustration with dealers, shops, etc. - and only extends the good feelings for this platform that most of us share.

Appreciate all the 'likes' over the last 3 years - nice knowing that my own contributions were valued, or you got a chuckle. Group hug! :grouphug:

See some of you next month - it'll be good to match up handles / names / faces. First time for that with me, too. :Lager Louts:

Onward to 2000!
It's guys like you that make this forum what it is and we mods keep it clean and civil for everybody (but we do have our dirty side :satan:). Not very often we have to intervene and we appreciate that from everybody.

I also can't wait for next month's meet. A first for me too. :yaay:


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Only 1000? Man are you sick or something?
What I lack for in quantity, I make up for in...length...lol.
Helping insomniacs everywhere! LMAO

@Mooseman ; @I_Shoot_Back - I didn't realize you were referring to a paying members-only area.
Normally, I'd jump at the opportunity to 'tee it high and let it fly' - but I worry about contracting multiple-personality disorder. :dielaugh: j/k I did happen upon an area like that yesterday - but it had *zero* posts. I *think* I'm all paid up? LOL

On a more serious note - why are post counts no longer (?) shown under a member's handle / avatar? I'm pretty sure they used to be. Join date would be nice, too. I do find myself clicking on profile pages to look up where someone's located, what vehicle type they have, etc -- which, I suppose, is one reason my avatar is a picture of the frame label on my Voy - gives a heads-up to others that I've got a LWB (getting rare) V8 (really rare). And you thought I was 'bragging'... :nono:
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The post counts disappeared during the last software upgrade along with the likes received. I agree that they should be returned and add the vehicle info although a lot of us have resorted to adding them to our signatures. However, signatures aren't visible on the mobile site.

The post whore thread is the most popular in the Anything Goes section. Despite its name, some of the rules are still enforced there.


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Yep - I'm familiar with that thread - personally, I need more 'structure'... :rotfl:

Good to know I wasn't imagining post counts / user info. Maybe someday... :popcorn:
Edit: Nevermind, carry on
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