08 Avalanche


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Well I haven't posted in a while (like 4 years šŸ¤£), but I do still have a GMT. While digging for old pics I decided to post a thread on the progress with the Avalanche.

Stock in 2014

As it currently sits

Haven't done a crazy amount of exterior add on stuff, but it's coming together pretty good. Side note, it was totaled by insurance March of 2018, fixed most of the big stuff, but it still has some dents, dings and scratches.


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Current list of mods.
-stripped side moldings and badges, except for the bowties, Z71 badges and the GM tag on the side
-bowties wrapped in black vinyl
-all interior lighting changed to LED
-aftermarket projector headlights, 4300K HIDs in the Low beam, LED high beams, running lights swapped to LED, Switchback turnsignals
-morimoto style LED fog lights
-aftermarket LED tail light assemblies
-LED 3rd brake light
-2015+ tow Mirrors
-punched grill inserts
-painted Center silver section black (story behind that)
-monstaliner roll on bedliner on all plastic above the bed (Sail panels, saddle bag covers, and center light cover, tailgate spoiler), inside bed, bumper pads, running boards
-LED pods in bed
-LED pods mounted in saddle bags with negative operating switch
-Green air filter and intake tube
-Diablo Trinity T2 tuner
-derale transmission cooler, and trans pan with plug

Still have a lot I want to do, but need time to get to a lot of it


Welcome back! It's been a long time indeed! The truck looks good, and so does that list of mods. :thumbsup:


Ok since you mentioned it, why was it totaled?

I've considered an avalanche to replace my Silverado when the time comes, partly because it would give me a crew cab in effect, while still having the option to haul something 8 ft long when needed thanks to the midgate (something a little harder to do with a 5 ft bed on a pickup).


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We had a Nor'easter come through in early March, tree from a neighbor's yard fell over into our yard, which knocked 3 trees, 2 of which hit the truck. The bigger one ricocheted off the roof of the house, and and landed on the back corner. The other one accounted for a lot of the branches. After it was tallied up, the damage exceeded 75% of the value (roughly $13,300 in damage, valued a bit over $18k), and that was before removeal of the quarter panel and other hidden things.

Since it was mostly cosmetic, it was treated the same way hail damage would be, so I didn't have to deal with a salvage title. They ended up giving us enough to pay it off, buy it back and have enough left over to get most of the parts needed, the buy back was pretty high at $3k, but after dealing with every salvage yard within 200 miles, I could see why. Found 2 avalanches, both of which did not have the parts I needed, so I had to order some of the parts from a yard in Oklahoma, and new parts from a dealer.

To top that off we ended up getting a new roof, since the age of the old one was not able to be determined.20190507_003830.jpg


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Couple a more inches, with that tree in the first pic, and I dont think you would have been buying it back!!

I got a 06 Avalanche. I like it, but it sits to high for me, and surprisingly, it gets better fuel mileage than my Envoy!


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Yeah, the house saved a lot of damage on the truck. Crazy 2 years almost to the day we had another tree fall right between the truck and the house, didn't hit either by a few inches.

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