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What's up guys I'm back. Working with an 05 envoy building it into a rapid response vehicle/mobile command center for SAR operations. Just wanting to check in, get some feedback, and maybe a few suggestions on additional options. Here is what I have so far. 05 envoy 4.2. Already started working on the electrical. Took the rear pass side panel and added some relays, fuse block, wig wag module, and switch for the air compressor. The fuse block is a WUPP 12 circuit unit with ground bus bar(bought on Amazon for $24). I've got 2 wig wag units(one for front and one for rear).

The front will have the pass side high flashing with the drivers side fog, then drivers side high with pass side fog. Already tapped into the wiring and like how it looks, will post a vid after I get the harness built and ran. Question on this. Is there a way to tap into the wiring under the fuse block in engine bay to go to each light and do the switching there? It seems I should be able to but wondering if anyone has dealt with it. I don't want random splices all over the place, would prefer in one Central spot and why not there.

The rear wig wags will be the left turn flashing with right reverse light, and vice versa. Again, can I do this under the fuse block? I am adding diodes so all lights will still be functional as normal, until inturn on the modules.
Power for the aftermarket fuse block is an 8 guage power wire attached to positive lug of fuse block under rear seat. Not much power will be coming out of this, most amperage that is used is for the air compressor used for the fog horn. The wig wags, emergency lights, etc all hardly draw any. I will be running a 2/0 wire from front at battery to the rear as I'm adding a 2800 watt invertor to handle any 110v site needs that may arise(charging of radios, laptops, lights, etc.) I'm planning on adding a large terminal block in front, connecting everything that comes from positive terminal of battery to that instead, and a single wire from battery to the terminal block.
2 deep cycle batteries will be housed in the rear of the vehicle with everything else, and an isolator relay will be added in front. My question on this is, what would you guys recommend for charging? Any good places for a high amperage alternator?
As far as switches and controls in front, I've taken a fiberglass mold of a pillar, and the area above the vent, and will have most of my controls for circuits that aren't used while driving(invertor, flood lighting, etc) as well as a Voltage meter. I will be pulling a mold of area above the double vent in the center, and bringing it up about 4 inches. This will hold my wheelen siren box with pa mic, as well as toggles for the emergency strobes, flashers, and a toggle that will switch from the normal horn to the fog horn.
The overhead console will be removed, a custom one made to house the CB radio, ham radio, and the sunroof control button. I would love to see the design of any you guys have came across or have.
On top, the roof rack is going to be removed and I'm dabbing one up. Basically it's a solid sheet of metal, with some supports, mounted on a cantilever hinge that will drop it over the side, then some pins will be pulled, and it will slide down to around waist level. This will be for large scale area maps, rescue plans, etc. When folded up on top(not in use) it will be secured with hood pins and clips, as well as urethane bushings to keep it from rattling. The frame will have tabs to hold the antennas for the radios.
I'm looking for suggestions on suspension. I live in a rural area, lots of backroads and winding hwys(live right off of Arkansas 23 if anyone knows it). Looking to possibly drop it a few inches as well as stiffen the ride. Any suggestions on good suspension setups that will be good for taking corners at speed would be greatly appreciated. I'm adding some pics of the electrical panel, though I've gotten quite a bit more done since I took them. Any suggestions or comments are welcome, thanks and stay safe.KIMG0166.JPGKIMG0165.JPG
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Forgot to ask, any suggestions on a laptop mount for the front would be great. Swivelling if possible. General consensus is ram mount which may well be what I go with, just wanting more opinions.


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All I can offer is that the headlights are individually fused in the under hood box so it should be easy to find individual wires.


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If you are building a RRV, why would you want to lower it? I would think the height would be needed for some locations you may have to go to. Also the pic of the connection on the back passenger side panel . Why not mount them in the pocket and use the panel door to protect them from possible damage? you could cut vent slots in the panel to allow for air flow is needed. Other than that .. good ideas.
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Looking to lower it to improve handling(inch or so along with stiffer suspension). Where I live, you may have some back roads but nothing too crazy. The main focus will bean operational base for SaR missions. With this, it will be setup in an easy to reach place(many vollys here show up in sedans). Depending on what area, there is usually some business or structure that it is based around, then teams go out on foot or in ATVs. There is an off-road recovery team, but they are mostly used for the local 4x4 trails(which I wouldn't be able to hit evenif it wasnt lowered). As for the electronics, there is going to be a fiberglass "box" that I'm building with some drawers and pockets to hold everything nice and neat. That area will be covered by this box(with removable panel to access the fuse panel) and I didn't see it an issue. If I decide to go another route, those lids are easily picked for a few bucks to replace the drilled one. Thanks for your feedback and comments, its all definitely appreciated so keep it coming.


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Keep an eye out, and see if you can locate one of these...

Police Center Console. No longer available from the manufacture, but I am sure they are out there somewhere.

Other than that, a ram mount for the laptop mount.

I agree with @Ilikemy3s about moving the wiring bus bar you have mounted on that door, and moving it inside the panel. Much cleaner, and not in the way for throwing stuff in the trunk when in a hurry.

Depending if you have a bose radio or a plain radio, you may even be about to mount that smaller air compressor under the side panels. Would have to take a trim piece off and see.
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Like I said, there's gonna be a box that wraps around the sides so it'll be protected. It does have the Bose stereo, but may end up removing that for an aftermarket unit eventually, just not high on priority list

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