FOR SALE '03 SWB Manual Cloth Seats (in N. Alabama)


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Almost uglier than the XUV seats in the following post. They're wasting precious indoor space in my new garage. Time to go!

Note: The sensor wires broke and pulled out of the driver's seat belt buckle. Buckle is included.
I replaced these seats with power leather and have no need for them.
Other than that, the seats are tear free. Plastic is fine. All functions work.
They have an aftermarket Mopar "stain resistant" coating applied by the dealer.
I removed all french fries.

driver.png passenger.png bench.png
Asking $15 for driver, $15 for passenger, $30 for bench.
Or $50 if you take the whole set.

Located near Huntsville, AL.
PM if interested.
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The ugliest seats GM put out on this side of the new millennium.
Lie. :tongue: Everyone knows that title goes to the '04-'05 Envoy XUV, in 'upgraded' SLT trim:

I like the concept of the XUV (one of the few), but I would've passed on this vehicle for the seats alone. Seriously.
This photo doesn't even do justice - they need to be experienced in person to get a sense of just how bad they are. I think they were going for some sort of water-resistant (?) vibe.

Then your eye is drawn to the stitching, and you debate which is worse - the shoddy quality all around, suggesting that you'll be getting replacement seats from GM under the 3/36 (if you're lucky), or the thread color, where the supplying vendor couldn't even be bothered to use something coordinating *or* contrasting - just *conflicting*.

And the program lead / product manager thought this was 'professional grade' ? :duh:

On edit: Sorry for the thread highjack - couldn't resist. Hope you find a buyer!
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Lie. :tongue: Everyone knows that title goes to the '04-'05 Envoy XUV, in 'upgraded' SLT trim
They look like diamond plating mixed with a hologram mixed with a DIY sewing project gone wrong.

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