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    My 04 ENVOY 4.2 sounds like an old man getting up in the morning

    not sure but I think the system relies somewhat on knowing somewhat about atmospheric pressures which I think come "by" the MAP (calculated or otherwise). If it can't readily determine the manifold vacuum, then it may impact its "work" on other things besides engine running. Quote: "This...
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    My 04 ENVOY 4.2 sounds like an old man getting up in the morning

    you could be helped by getting some real time data at the start of the exercise and then again once things get "smooth". My initial guess is a "vacuum issue".... note necessarily a leak but a bad sensor or wiring. That would be my first data read along with fuel trims.
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    generator battery control module 2008 envoy

    you have to pull the negative cable back to the motor. The replacement is a cable with the module.
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    NEED HELP Starter only clicks

    since it appears that you have some sort of access to the starter connections, then you should do some electrical measurements at those connections to see what the state of the starter is. At the starter, check for voltage on the "b" connector... it should be seeing 12v all the time. Further...
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    04 trailblazer, brakes dragging after new pads, calipers, master cylinder

    You should check and / or replace the flex hose running from the solid line to the caliper. On other vehicles, I have seen issue with something causing the flex line to be "less than transmissive" resulting in new caliper "binding" and even not being able to compress when connected back to...
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    Headlights always on

    yes but... if the turn switch causes things to happen between bright and "normal" (ie. stalk position), then it follows that a possible faulty switch may impact how / when normal happens or doesn't happen depending on what the root cause is for a faulty bad connection, shorting...
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    Headlights always on

    I guess one question is: why the turn signal switch? maybe that's related to your issue with the lights??
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    NEED HELP P0171 Code causing high idle and poor fuel mileage!

    your upstream has "improved" (ie. better) but the downstream looks "funny". Of course, I don't believe the downstream has any impact on fueling (having said that, I have read in places that some system do have operational firmware that does have some "interest" in the downstream values...
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    2006 envoy 4.2L no crank no start!!

    :-) that is probably is his problem... broken connections and not the motor.
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    what causes hub bearings to fail so often ?

    Possibly incorrect torque of the hub nut (too tight) causing a slight compression force which during the bearing heat / cool cycle may cause run problems which then increases the temp further over time... just my guess with failures to date. I am currently running with a "re-used hub" that I...
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    NEED HELP P0171 Code causing high idle and poor fuel mileage!

    the first O2 voltage graph does not look right although it could be the time scale that makes that way. The "normal" graph should be a "wave" pattern oscillating about 4.5-5 v ish area. Of course, the FT confirm your "rich run" because they are set to dump more fuel because of a response of...
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    Intermittent starts, runs, then no starts no crank??

    glad you got further and have a working vehicle. Hopefully, it won't come back to haunt you again. Looking further at the C2, the other two pins that are more likely related to your problem (nothing on the dash) is the KS pins which I do believe deal with "key detection" meaning that the...
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    Intermittent starts, runs, then no starts no crank??

    what does the last part actually mean... NS,NG you need to describe what you are seeing at that point in terms of dash indicators, gages AND reactions to the key sequence for a "NOSTART" conditions. Although you indicate the C2 connector, it does not really appear that those pins / signals...
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    Frequency of 5V signal from EV fan clutch to the PCM

    I am not sure I understand "I did not command the fan here in any way". OK, so what was the current level asked for by the system? Since you aren't feeding any inputs other than engine rpm (assumed) then I would expect the system's "command" to be some "percentage" which of operating the...
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